Cubit Ventures - school image
Cubit Ventures

Cubit Ventures is an early stage venture fund backing tech startups driving digital transformation in North Africa. <p></p> <mark>We invest in inspiring founders who leverage local engineering talent, helping them scale with our extensive global network.</mark> <p></p> Our strategic alliance with Founder Institute and our extensive eco-system engagement ensures great deal flow, business acceleration, market access, and exit potential via our partnerships' huge network of VCs and portfolio companies. <p></p> TARGET IMPACT <br> Supporting companies that make us proud of what they do <br> - Helping local companies scale globally capitalizing on our expansive global networks <br> - Backing North African startups will be instrumental to tech talent brain-drain reduction <br> - <mark>We believe that startups are the primary vehicle for innovation and job creation in North Africa</mark> <br> - In search for startups where the solution directly creates impact for low and middle-income communities <br> -In search for solutions that enable financial inclusion across different socio-economic segments <br> - In search for solutions that expand healthcare or education access and/or brings costs down <br> - We believe that making money and making a positive impact on the world doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive, so we prefer startups with a socially responsive mindset

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Acasia Ventures

Acasia Ventures invests in people first. Our commitment to our founders goes beyond financial capital. <mark>We continuously support early-stage startups throughout their life cycles, setting a solid and long-lasting foundation for their success. </mark> <p></p> As first believers, Acasia Ventures works closely with founders by providing venture capital, unique insights, opportunities to expand to new markets and access to global investors and connections. Our community empowers individuals to build highly scalable, sustainable digital solutions that solve real-world essential problems.

Nahdet El Mahrousa - school image
Nahdet El Mahrousa

NM’s incubator is the region’s first incubator for early-stage innovative social enterprises. Despite having started as an early-stage support platform, it has grown to support social entrepreneurs from the idea stage all the way to the growth and scale-up phases. <p></p> <mark> Clean & Green <br> Renewable energy, waste management, water management, food production, and agribusiness sectors <p></p>Creative Industries <br> Handicrafts and performing arts sectors. <p></p>Tech for Social <br> Startups leveraging technology to create social impact across sectors. <p></p>Wild Cards <br> Promising social enterprises from all sectors that are daring, innovative, and scalable. </mark>

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Venturewell - Innovate Egypt

Are you an aspiring innovator or entrepreneur who is passionate about turning their idea or discovery into a startup? This program is for you! <p></p> Innovate Egypt is designed to <mark>support the advancement of early-stage science and technology innovation and commercialization in Egypt.</mark> We’re helping students, researchers, and faculty move their inventions out of the university and into the marketplace! <mark>Innovators in this program will learn how to effectively move their ventures forward and gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to build the future of Egyptian entrepreneurship.</mark> <p></p> Together, we’re working to support the future of Egyptian innovation, building connections between investors and innovators, and deepening collaboration between leading public and private institutions in the Egyptian and U.S. entrepreneurial ecosystems. Apply today to be a part of this life-changing opportunity for your venture and be a part of Egypt’s innovation future.

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Kamelizer is an Egyptian angel startup studio providing Services, expertise, and more to technology startups. Kamelizer Invests in early stage companies focused on two industries the Sharing Economy and the Cloud services for SMB. <p></p> <mark>We support founders in shaping their ideas to transform their startup from seed stage to series A stage.</mark> <p></p> Founders need to be patient, resilient and always save a bit of water ( energy, money, tools) for the tough days.

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Sawari Ventures

Sawari Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Cairo, investing in knowledge and innovation-based technologies across North Africa. <p></p> In our part of the world, everywhere you look, there are huge opportunities to be captured and entire industries ripe for transformation. We believe the best way to tackle these transformations is to pair the best talent with smart capital. Our goal is to empower entrepreneurs in the region to create innovative solutions that will drive the region’s economies for years to come. <p></p> Our Investment Thesis <br> We focus our investments on growth and early-stage startups across industries, in sectors including consumer internet, fintech, edtech, healthtech, deeptech, and e-commerce and enabling infrastructure. <p></p> We provide a small allocation to seed stage investments and, through our investments in the Tunis and Cairo seed stage vehicles of Flat6Labs, further contribute to building and strengthening the region’s early-stage ecosystem. <p></p> How we operate and invest is driven by our core convictions: <mark><br>Innovation <br> Our region has an abundance of talent that we are convinced can transform industries if given the opportunity, capital, and necessary support. Our deeptech investments are testament to the innovation that can and will grow out of this region. <p></p>Value Creation <br> We see ourselves as proactive investors who go beyond providing capital. We continuously strive to bring expertise, operational support, and value-add to the companies we work with, and in the process build successful, sustainable companies that capitalize on their opportunities. </mark> <p></p>Responsible Investment <br> We aim to create value not only to our portfolio and investors, but to the wider ecosystem and societies in which we operate. In support of this vision, we have established a tailored framework to effectively integrate ESG considerations into fund decision making. We are also raising awareness and building capacity in ESG matters both at the fund and portfolio level. In the process, we are looking to establish Sawari Ventures as the go-to VC fund for ESG & Impact integration in the region. Sawari Ventures North Africa Fund I & Egypt Fund I <p></p> Our dual fund structure, with Netherlands-incorporated North Africa Fund I and Egypt-incorporated Egypt Fund I, allows us to bring together international capital from our DFI partners and domestic capital from local stakeholders. We believe that this combination of international funds and expertise with local knowledge and roots is critical, and demonstrates how far the local ecosystem has come. <p></p> Founded in 2010, with currently 70M USD AUM, to date, we have invested in 19 companies and 2 seed stage vehicles.

CVentures - school image

CVentures is an early-stage, cross-border venture capital firm primarily focused on investing in companies creating meaningful change in financial services. CVentures favors fast-moving, forward-thinking teams with deep market insights and high-performance cultures. The firm backs groundbreaking businesses with fundamentally distinguishable characteristics and disruptive business models. <p></p> We combine the speed and agility of an independent investor with the breadth and support of CIB's businesses. We support portfolio companies and work closely with relevant stakeholders and the innovation ecosystem at large to increase the likelihood of rapid distribution and accelerated product adoption. <p></p> <mark>We leverage our existing network of partners to establish global relationships and engage in organized cross-border collaboration. We extend support throughout subsequent financing rounds and up to exit transactions. Our goal is to drive sustainable growth and invest in bold founders with high performance cultures.</mark> <p></p> Our Focus <br> CVentures primarily invests in next generation financial services including but not limited to innovation in Payments and Settlements, Remittance and FX Technology, Digital Banking and Alternative Finance, Data Management and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Security and Enterprise IT, RegTech, Market Infrastructure and Blockchain, and Wealth, InsurTech and Investment Management Technology.

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Algebra Ventures

Algebra Ventures is Egypt’s leading tech Venture Capital firm. We have been partnering with bold and resilient founders building transformative companies since 2016. While our entrepreneurs are doing the heavy lifting, <mark>we support by providing multi-stage capital, assisting with strategy and operations as well as helping build star teams.</mark> We are a diverse and experienced team of founders, geeks and operators who are passionate about the positive impact of tech on people’s lives in the MEA region. <p></p> Our DNA <br> Egypt<br> Grounded in our continued belief in Egyptian tech entrepreneurs, Algebra Ventures doubled down on its home market with the launch of its $90M second fund, while still opportunistically investing in the rest of the MEA region. <p></p>Founders<br> <mark>We are dedicated to our founders by providing capital, assisting with strategy and operations, as well as helping build star teams to ensure that the most qualified and ambitious individuals continue to join Algebra’s portfolio.</mark> <p></p>Impact<br> We partner with founders who are transforming industries, addressing long-standing problems that only technology can provide solutions for, and directly improving the lives of millions. <p></p>Network<br> We engage with the strongest co-investors with EM experience to bring the right value to our startups and connect our portfolio with industry partners to support growth and future exit.

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138pyramids is a development finance initiative launched and managed by Delta Inspire in an effort to contribute an active role in supporting Egyptian startups and enhancing the development of the Small and Medium Enterprise “SME” sector. We aim to target high impact businesses with high employment opportunities at their early stages to either incubate them or accelerate their growth, unraveling their true potential. <p></p> Egypt has 138pyramids Pharonic Pyramid structures: <mark>a symbol of advancement and a brand that made ancient Egyptian civilization prominent over centuries. The construction of a Pyramid was a main driver for the establishment of internal settlements positioning Egypt among the first true estates in the world. Moreover, the Pyramids advocated economic growth and catered for the birth of new talents and the flourishment of learning and research. Today, we are taking the initiative to take the hands of Egyptian entrepreneurs to build the future of Egypt with 138pyramids new Pyramids in the form of start-ups and early stage growth companies in different industries.</mark> <p></p> We are a hybrid financial vehicle of social entrepreneurship, angels, venture capital and private equity. <p></p> Our aim is to help entrepreneurs build businesses or grow their existing platform, so that whilst scaling they create job opportunities as well as wealth to all the stakeholders. <p></p> Similar to any venture capital we have a general partner that has varied experience that enables the delivery of this financial hybrid. Our limited partners are all with credible multinational and local conglomerates with social impact focus. <p></p> Unlike a venture capital that will help you scale but not validate your business and market, we – using Delta Inspire our management company – offer comprehensive support to early and growth stage companies, i.e. all required business development support aid. <p></p> We differentiate ourselves in terms of timing: <br>– We do not do short term rounds and exit <br>– We have a model that maybe tough to enter but once named one of our pyramids we will provide the needed help and support in all that comes after <p></p> Our exit strategy is based on timing that best meets the mutual interest of all shareholders. <p></p> The funding we provide is against ownership and is both cash and in kind for services provided. <p></p> WHAT WE OFFER <br> - Team & Mentors <br> - Networks <br> - Funding <br> - Complementing Services

WorkHut Co-WorkingSpace - school image
WorkHut Co-WorkingSpace

The workspace is an integrated co-working space (on an area of 500 square meters) that has been the leader in the field in Sohag Governorate since 2/2018 and we are still expanding vertically and horizontally. The hut provides all forms of support, services and styles of sessions that suit all types of individual and group work. <p></p> The hut supports start-ups in three ways, according to the center capabilities. Harnessing all the empty spaces and advertising space in the Hut for emerging projects to introduce their ideas and products for free or for a small fee. Connecting and linking young idea owners with our partners in the field of entrepreneurship and trying to motivate them. <p></p> We present you Work Hut, the first real co-working space in Sohag .. Our motto is "Do more" Get More Done <p></p> <mark>In order to achieve the greatest achievements, we offer you a range of services. <br>- Corporate Offices <br>- Individual workspace <br>- Study Hall <br>- Classes <br>- The Drawing Room <br>- Meeting Halls <br>- Buffet <br>- A computer hall </mark>

AlMejarra - school image

AlMejarra is a Coworking and Community space for entrepreneurs, freelancers, students, and anyone seeking a community of Geeks at Ash Sharqiya. <p></p>The first co-working space in the Eastern Province, and <mark>a community center for entrepreneurs, independent business owners, technology geeks and students, in addition to events and events in the development of skills.</mark> <p></p>We aim to build a community and create an environment in which cooperation mixes with joint work and the sharing of ideas and knowledge, an environment that enables finding solutions and encouraging innovation and creativity.

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CloudTown is a B2B office space company that offers you all the benefits of renting an office space, whether you're an individual or an entire team.The space where ideas are born, people connettono, and magic happens. <p></p> <mark>Whether you're in the early stages of launching your business or are just looking for a place to relax and get work out of the way, Cloudtown work spaces offer a cost-effective option for many entrepreneurs.</mark> <p></p> Cloud Town workspace is a business town at Heliopolis designed to fulfill all start-ups & businessmen needs, not only a space but also utilities, administrative, and professional services. <p></p> Single offices, private rooms, training rooms & meeting rooms including secretary services & advertisement area + 50% discount for Avant agency services: Social media marketing, online/offline sales & call center services.

TeamYea - school image

TeamYea is a coworking space designed to help startups and freelancers to work away from their daily routine style to integrate, enjoy team diversity and increase their networks among others people in various fields by providing an exceptional facilities and coworking environment. <p></p> Our goal is to <mark>build a strong supportive professional network among all freelancers and startups in order to improve their performance scale for higher productivity.</mark> <p></p> Our Mission is Diversity, Efficiency, and Sustainability. This is how we will foster and boost freelancers and startups. How! by increasing productivity and creativity in-house by building a diverse community in various fields, backgrounds, skills and experience to work, plan and celebrate success together. Vision: Design your own professional lifestyle. <p></p> Benefits <br> - Modern Design <br> - Networking <br> - Fast & Stable Internet <br> - Physical Address Service <br> - Landline Phone Number <br> - Kitchen Facilities <br> - Skype Room <br> - Meeting Rooms <br> - Data Projectors <br> - Full-HD Monitors <br> - Keyboard & Mouse <br> - Private Locker <br> - Voice Over <br> - Virtual Reality

Premium Workspace - school image
Premium Workspace

Our goal is to offer a space for exchanging experiences through shared knowledge. The first and most popular coworking space in Haram. You'll find all what you need from shared areas, meeting rooms, private offices, party rooms and a nice balcony in front of Cairo mall. You'll enjoy <mark>high speed internet connection, drinks, cozy place to focus, meet and have fun, and access to all facilities, restaurants and services in Haram street.</mark>

Work Yard Giza - school image
Work Yard Giza

We're the launchpad for your business success! Our coworking spaces are the perfect launchpad for entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers looking to soar to new heights. We provide everything you need to turn your ideas into successful ventures, from mentorship and networking opportunities to access to funding and resources. <mark>Our flexible and cost-effective spaces are designed to foster collaboration, creativity and innovation. Let us handle the logistics while you focus on your core operations, and join a community of like-minded individuals on their way to success. </mark> Together we'll reach new heights!

Chefchaoun - school image

Chefchaoun is a multi-activity company that is operating based on a strong social mission. It aims to fulfill the needs of startups by providing a cozy, inspiring, and at the same time, professional venue, where they can work on their projects, also providing them with a space to collaborate and take initiatives with other entities, believing it will be a chance for learning and sharing experiences.<p></p> Some examples of the services provided are (<mark>co-working spaces, meeting and lecture venues, consultation, partnerships with student activities, monthly campaigns and events, workshops, library, entertainment and fun room</mark>). <p></p> Workspace Features:<br> Quiet room<br> The quiet room contains 9 desks , the main advantage of those desks that talks and mobile calls are not allowed, to give you a perfect atmosphere to concentrate without noise or interruption. Also attached with the room a balcony with a nice setup and view , you can you it for talks , phone calls , rest or in food time. <br>Facilities: <br> - Air conditioned. <br> - WiFi. <br> - Separate desks. <br> - Quality of silence. <p></p> Private office<br> Private office for monthly rent. <br>Facilities: <br> - Air conditioned. <br> - WiFi. <br> - kitchen access. <br> - Printing services. <br> - Daily Cleaning. <br> - Outdoor terrace.

Vienna - school image

Vienna is a work space that supports startups, activities, NGOs and Individuals. A workspace with Elegant decor, has variety of options: <mark><br>- Sharing area for 1-4 friends to study and you can add tables to make it bigger! <br> - Workstation for single use, it gives you the privacy you need <br>- Two Balconies with amazing view <br>- 5 rooms with different spaces starting from 5 to 50 person <br> - A/C and Internet WiFi 16 MB </mark> <p></p> Why should we be your choice <p></p> Prices: <br> Because the prices of every need have changed to become more expensive Vienna made offers and the prices are more suitable. <p></p>Location: <br> <mark>Our location is excellent and this is simply because we are in front of the University Girls Hotel on October 6 and next to Al-Azbi Pharmacy central axis</mark> <p></p>Calm: <br> We can keep calm and it helps to increase the focus <p></p>Interaction: <br> You will find comfort in dealing. This is because you will find a top team in cooperation <p></p> Drinks: <br> You can make the drink you like and also by yourself <p></p> Internet: <br> You will find very fast internet

BenchMark - school image

It is a shared workspace and providing a suitable work environment with a high level of feasibility for a better work environment and a set of services for entrepreneurs, emerging projects, groups or social activities, and this will be through <mark><br>1. Fully equipped meeting room and data show. <br>2. An integrated office to practice your work better for all Freelancers, and also for Entrepreneurs who need a place to work. <br>3. Fully equipped training halls for up to 40 people <br>4. There are other services to facilitate and provide a level of comfort, such as fast internet, drinks, reservation service, and others.</mark>

Prism - school image

Prism is a Coworking Space located in Alexandria supporting students, artists, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Offering a unique, comfortable and affordable environment. <p></p> We serve you: <br><mark>- Studying area <br>- Photography studio <br>- Meeting rooms <br>- Gaming zone</mark> <p></p> Coworking offers a solution to the problem of isolation that many freelancers experience while working at home, we carefully designed to maximize interactions between people that we able to collaborate on projects.

Pivot Coworking Space - school image
Pivot Coworking Space

Pivot is a coworking space that provides affordable office space with essential work necessities like private offices, meeting rooms, events venues, virtual offices, high-speed internet, and leading technologies to move your business forward. At Pivot, we are more than just a coworking workspace, we are a coworking community for all types of people and businesses. We are excited to offer an inviting and modern workspace to business owners and remote office workers at an affordable rate. <p></p> Why Choose Pivot <br> <mark>We provide you with countless opportunities to run your business with no hassles. Giving you the opportunity to forgo investment costs, Pivot has created an environment where the only decision you have to deal with is choosing which service would suit you best.</mark> <br> - High Speed Wifi <br> - Great Location <br> - Prayer Room <br> -Break Area <br> - Air Conditioner <br> - Printer / Fax / Copy

RAKI - school image

RAKI is a modern co-working space based in Alexandria, Egypt. It's a place where students can come to work, think clearly and be themselves. <p></p> <mark>If you are an instructor and you want to optimize your participants experience, your best choice will be definitely RAKI.</mark> <p></p> Also, we provide hourly conference room rental to satisfy those business members that are constantly on the go. <p></p> Services: <br> - Study zone & co working space Start ups meeting rooms instructors rent rooms <br> - High-Speed WiFi <br> - Heating & Air Conditioning <br> - Printer & Scanner <br> - Coffee corner & Snacks <br> - Outdoor Smoking Terrace <br> - Architectural workshops <br> - Huge Architectural Library <br> - Architects in place for help <br> - Professional Maquettes <br> - Students study Model <br> - Personal Lockers

Kite Business Space - school image
Kite Business Space

In Kite Business Space, we believe that your Business is like your Kite, you create and put your sole to let it fly gracefully in business wind. Kite Business Space develop your business to soar high with grace where you can connect with similar minds and professional environment. <p></p> <mark>Our services: <br>- Meeting Room <br>- Multipurpose Room <br>- Hot Desk <br>- Work Space <br>- Rooms </mark> <p></p> Our memberships <br>- One to One sessions. <br>- Volunteering Groups. <br>- Start-ups <p></p> Facilities; <br>- Privacy. <br>- 24 / 7 Access. <br>- Stable WIFI. <br>- Whiteboard & Screen. <br>- Printer, scanner & copier. <br>- Reception Advertising space. <br>- Mail & Google Business Address Service. <br>- Unlimited Clients meeting in Reception and Lounge. <br>- Financial Service, “collecting fees from your Clients".

The Hive Offices - school image
The Hive Offices

The Hive is, simply put, the perfect environment for your business to thrive. Created with the notion to provide a hotel like experience for businesses, <mark>The Hive provides you with everything you need to focus on the core of your business and maximize growth.</mark> Operating as a workspace solutions provider, The Hive provides you with countless opportunities to run your business out of a full-fledged office experience with none of the hassles. Giving you the opportunity to forgo investment costs, The Hive has cultivated an environment where the only decision you have to deal with is choosing which service would suit you best. <p></p> In short, The Hive provides you with all the benefits of renting a luxurious office, with zero responsibilities, or any hassle.

CO-UP Work Space - school image
CO-UP Work Space

We are the closest to you, the best work space in Nasr city. Available all the means that you may need while you are working: <br><mark> - Air-conditioned halls for up to 30 people. <br> - Comfortable chairs. <br> - Fast WiFi. <br> - Smart Screens. <br> - Whiteboard. <br> - A place for snacks and drinks. <br> - Tim will help you with everything you need.</mark> <br><br> Call us or send us a message and book now and get a 20% discount

Fabriano - school image

Fabriano strikes to provide relaxation, concentration & learning new skills. It's a nice co-working space with allot of options to choose from. They have a nice mini bar with nice donuts and drinks and a cozy Showroom for some handmade products. <mark>Where you can chill, focus, enjoy & attend workshops.</mark>

302Labs - school image

302Labs provides a collaborative work environment through variety of spaces for entrepreneurs & Students with diverse, affordable & integrated services. <p></p> Coworking is a gathering of a group of people that involves shared working environment. 302Labs is a coworking space that believes it is better to work in a community with the same concepts and values. It guides you to create and innovate to present your ideas to the world by all of our community, power, and connections, for a better future. 302 helps to finish your work while making you feel at home. <p></p>The space is <mark>professionally equipped with the right facilities to ease your day at work. Dedicated work desks and comfy chairs enable its members to work without worry. There are even super cozy areas equipped with sofas with leg rests so you can have a nap or recharge before continuing work.</mark> For fun, they’re equipped with an XBOX and darts.

Work Brand - school image
Work Brand

Work Brand is a highly equipped office space for companies and individuals, and we are not limited to that only, but we give you practical solutions for your company and be with you on your way from the beginning, and we have already supported nearly 1000 companies to succeed! <p></p> We are distinguished by our central location, whether in the Nasr City branch near “Abbas Al-Akkad” Street, or the Mohandessin branch located in “Arab League Street.” And meetings, all of them are equipped with everything that meets your needs, and also have a cooperative team with you that receives your customers and anything that concerns you .. We are definitely the first path to your success. <p></p> Our expertise<br> We have experience in the field of office workspaces since 2016 that will undoubtedly help you in success and professionalism, and <mark>we provide you with everything that serves you in terms of administrative offices, training and meeting rooms equipped at the highest level, with comfortable furniture and elegant decoration in addition to virtual offices and other projects-related services under the supervision of a professional and cooperative team. With the testimony of many of our customers, because we do not consider them customers, but our success partners</mark> <p></p>Our goals We have helped more than 1,000 companies and clients succeed with our experience in the world of office workspaces, because we are keen to give the service with love and high quality to each customer according to what he needs because our goal is always, and to be the most comfortable and always the first choice in his life, and we strive to be the most comfortable workspace. The office is professional and comfortable for the client, which provides practical advice so that its client can start the path of his success, and aims to expand in the most vital places in Egypt and the Arab world.

Laila Coworking Space - school image
Laila Coworking Space

The perfect place to hang out with your friends or to spend a productive time on your assignments and projects, also you can book our <mark>fully-equipped meeting room or lecture room for any group meetings or workshops.</mark>

ESKA - school image

If you are student, freelancer search for a suitable and quiet and cozy place, you would like to visit your second home #ESKA."Your Homefortable Space" <p></p> <mark>Vision <br> To be one of Cairo landmarks for youth -specially students- and then allover Egypt, where they can find anything they want; work-study-play-entertainment-fun-education. <p></p> Mission <br>Providing youth with comfortably well-equipped co-working space with creative atmosphere where they can utilize their power to achieve the required results they aim for in any work space.</mark>

KMT House - school image
KMT House

Launched 2017 in partnership with Drosos Foundation, KMT House is An impact hub for entrepreneurs, creative minds and talents, working on urban innovations and sustainable cities. <br><mark> - Home to Cairo rising startups; Elves, Bey2ollak , Creatables and Rdna. <br> - Community office is open on weekdays from 9am - 5 pm. <br> - Coworking, cafe, event venue an digital fabrication workshops </mark>

MQR - school image

MQR, formerly AlMaqarr, is a leading coworking space in Egypt that provides an organic space for idea stage entrepreneurs to collaborate and gain support to further their ideas and transform them into sustainable projects and businesses. <p></p> After opening our doors in October 2012, we succeeded in making the Spaces Industry look cooler! The industry was not that popular before we join the game. We exerted a lot of efforts to raise awareness about the real value of coworking spaces. We faced a lot of challenges to prove the concept and reach out to people, and the noise we made got many others to duplicate the concept inside and outside Cairo. <p></p> <mark>The experience we provide is bigger than the space; we manage a solid & diversified community of innovation and collaboration between startups, student organizations, social initiatives and freelancers. Opportunities are created organically, and networking is a guaranteed experience for all walk-ins. Having this said, our facilities are just tools; our community is the most valuable asset we actually have.</mark>

Aristo Coworking Space - school image
Aristo Coworking Space

Leaving an influence on the Egyptian society through a co-working space that feels like home yet provides a professional environment for innovation. <mark>Offering a comfortable and flexible workspace, Aristo gives you all of the office infrastructure and gadgets to play with that you could possibly need.</mark>You will have an eclectic group of individuals to rub shoulders with, great Internet and plenty of opportunities to network in a somewhat quirky atmosphere. <p></p> The staff are extremely friendly,the working hours are great, the place is always clean and organized. There is a workshop area that contains a generous amount of helpful tools that you may need, there is also a PCB drill. There is a 3D printing service as well.<mark> The internet is usually fast and reliable.</mark>

Cairo Hackerspace - school image
Cairo Hackerspace

Cairo Hackerspace function as centers for peer learning and knowledge sharing, in the form of workshops, presentations, and lectures. Also offer social activities for their members, such as game nights and parties. Typically provide space for members to work on their individual projects, or to collaborate on group projects with other members. Cairo Hackerspace is Hosted by The Townhouse Gallery. <p></p> <mark>We provides physical infrastructure that members need to complete their projects. In addition to space, Cairo hackerspace provide networking with Internet connectivity. Cairo hackerspace provide machine tools ( Makerbot 3D ABS printer), electronic instrumentation, electronic components and raw materials for hacking, and various other tools for electronics fabrication and building things.</mark>

YAT Learning Centers - school image
YAT Learning Centers

YAT Corporation is an Egyptian IT company established in 1996 in Cairo-Egypt. We specialize in the IT industry through our four subsidiaries: IT Learning, Software Development, Web Development, and Advertising. Each one of these subsidiaries has its own management committee, premises, and staff-members. Nevertheless, all subsidiaries share one common aim: That is to fit together in the IT sphere to deliver comprehensive top quality integrated solutions. <p></p> YAT Learning Solutions has ever since taken many reforming phases until it reached its mature academic and professional status and soon proved itself as the IT training leader in the Egyptian Market. YAT spans over a number of ten prestigious branches covering all over Egypt including Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Delta, Canal and Upper Egypt. With more than 100,000 trainees graduating from YAT Learning Centers and serving in the workforce, we certainly can firmly say: “We reshape minds, careers and even lives”! Throughout our path to the top of the IT training Industry we have achieved various challenging points on the road. YAT has gained various authorizations from most well-recognized leading universal companies in the IT Field. Moreover, YAT is the only authorized training establishment in the Middle East to some of those universal leaders. <p></p> Our Mission <br> We have designed well-studied methodologies aiming to deliver top quality and professional IT training to meet today’s technology needs. <mark>We also contribute in providing the Egyptian market with technically qualified candidates—which consequently improves the overall level of technical capabilities and performance in today’s workforce.</mark> We have come to realize that investing massively on field experiments and researching about “how to train and how to learn” is certainly a smart investment that greatly nurtures the level of information delivery to trainees. That is why we have erected four “learning castles” built on supreme technical skills, sharp vision, accompanied with endless effort to improve. Our slogan cursively draws the picture of how YAT delivers the concept of knowledge; what we live to do is delivering: “An Art of Training”. <p></p> Our Vision <br> Being a part of today’s dynamic IT arena, we have concluded how vital it is to stay on the top of the rapidly changing mercury-like-Industry. Consequently <mark>we have taken it upon ourselves to stay updated with top of the line technology releases.</mark> We also aim to outreach knowledge seekers outside of Egypt in the near future through expanding our presence internationally to shine our services light upon those whom strive for more refined forms of living—upholding industry international standards. Moreover, we have commenced putting together an e-learning project enabling those whom we cannot reach to use our virtual services to obtain the knowledge they are after. We simply look at our potential growth and expansion through the optimistic scope of “NO LIMITS”. <p></p> Our Vision <br> We believe that staying on the top is much harder than making it to the top. And that is how we have remained on the top of the IT training industry in Egypt and soon outside of Egypt as well. <mark>Our focus is to continue being on the top;</mark> simply because this is our philosophy of existence and our milestone to achieve.

IT Gate Academy - school image
IT Gate Academy

IT Gate Is an Egyptian IT learning charity organization established in 2008 in Cairo-Egypt. We specialize in the IT learning solutions. In a large world, evolves in various areas, especially in the area of information technology,There was a need for the presence of Arabic entities which are responsible for keeping the Arabic identity in this area. <p></p>Our aim is increasing the individual knowledge of the information technology importance in the Arabic region, especially in the Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper, Oracle, Sun and the continuous investment in research and development for creating powerful solutions matches the requirements of our Arabic Region, to raise the level of Arabic participation in this area, for actively contribution in the process of human development. We commit ourselves to credible, perfection and the continued development of our organization. Improve our products and services are always our top priority, to be always the perfect choice for Arab clients. <mark> <br>- IT Gate has gained various authorizations from most well-recognized leading universal companies in the IT Field like Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper, EC-Council, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle and Sun. With courses available online, mentored and in traditional classroom settings <br>- IT Gate has a flexible educational solution that fits your learning style, budget and schedule. <br>- IT Gate is the single source for all Companies, Individuals and Students IT training needs. <br>- IT Gate allows corporate training managers the ability to easily administer their learning programs and track the progress of all participating employees <br>- IT Gate assists each client with the management and measurement of their training activities and that for maximizing the investment in training is important for all companies. <br>- IT Gate allows students to learn in the manner that best suits their schedule, budget,learning style and expertise. </mark>

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AMIT, Association Of Management and Information Technology, is a rapidly growing company which was established in Egypt from 2011 specialized in embedded systems, software computer science and IT. It's idea hold the presence of real personnel from the real market fields who expose their work experience in the provided training. <p></p> Our Diploma <p></p> Embedded System Diploma <br> This diploma will cover the main embedded systems topics that provide our learners with the required knowledge and the real world experience to join embedded system field. It will allow them to take their first steps to start their job as Embedded Software Engineer through our professional instructors who already stepped in this field years ago. Every student will Get free AVR KIT. <p></p> Full Stack Web Development Diploma <br> <mark>This diploma will move with your skills step by step from the beginning of creating static website passing by using PHP to develop dynamic website to using well known frame works like larval framework. Our experienced instructors will qualify you to join the software world as a web developer by transferring their real world experience to you.</mark> <p></p> Android Development For Beginners Diploma <br> This diploma will provide the students with the most required knowledge in the field of programming and android development. Also it will provide proven partical experience to deal with the android studio as one of the most used development IDE. <p></p> ISTQB Foundation Level Course <br> This course is designed to those who would like to join one of the most growing fields and highly demand jobs which is software testing field. Also will help you to pass the ISTQB exam and become a certified tester. <p></p> iOS Development For Programmers Diploma <br> <mark>This diploma will provide the students with the most required knowledge in the field of iOS development using Swift programming language. Also it will provide proven practical experience to deal with the Xcode as one of the most used development IDE.</mark> <p></p> Control Your Robot Diploma <br> This diploma will provide the entry level students whom barley don't have any technical background but they have the passion to study embedded systems and robotics.This track also suitable for students with zero programming background.

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Next Academy

The digital era aids helped the businesses to be more innovative depending on the digital technology which allows them to better serve their customers, increasing their power to compete and expand their presence. In addition, organizations and corporate that have digitized their systems will focus on hiring employees with digital and technology knowledge. Since a lot of the traditional jobs will vanish. <p></p> Who we are <br> <mark>We are the first academy concerned with career development in the field of information technology. We are working to provide an opportunity for fresh graduates and professionals from non-IT specializations to qualify them to join the IT jobs market in various jobs, using recent technologies such "Cloud Computing, Emerging technologies, Cyber security, software development, AI, etc.."</mark> <p></p>   Our History <br> Since 2005 Next Academy is the pioneering company in the IT field technology career development. We are present in Egypt and MENA region for more than 15 years where 25,000 Oracle consultants graduated from Next Academy, and now hold positions in respectable organizations. <p></p>   Our services <br> Being specialized in IT career Development since more than 15 years, we grow our ability to provide a full range of services covering all the needs of career building in the information technology sector. <p></p> Our services include: <br>• Training consultative services. <br>• Training and rehabilitation services for the labor market. <br>• Universities Students IT Training Projects. <br>• Project management and implementation for the governmental IT training services. <p></p> Our services are provided through specialized departments and each of the services delivered and audited according to the highest international standards. To ensure the highest quality of service delivery and customer satisfaction.  <p></p> Why Next Academy? <br> Next Academy is a partner for the top international companies and organizations working in the field of information technology such as Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco Academy, CompTIA , Certiport , ICDL, etc.. <p></p> Next Academy has more than 15 years of experience in the field of training, qualification and career development in Egypt and the Middle East. Qualifying and supporting more than 25,000 trainee to become Oracle consultants which represents 70% of Oracle Arabic speaker resources in the MENA region. <p></p> Next Academy administrative structure includes the largest number of professional trainers and consultants in the Middle East delivering practical training and career development coaching in the field of IT.

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We are a school that aims to build a unique and holistic skill set for kids of ages 7 to 14 years, to enable them to build their dreams in a future where innovation, tech literacy, and efficient communication are becoming ever essential. <p></p> While <mark>building our kids’ analytical thinking and problem solving skills through teaching them computer science fundamentals and basic coding skills, along with basic Entrepreneurial knowledge and financial awareness, as well as communication and story-telling skills, so they can express themselves and share their ideas with the world, we believe that we will set them on a path where they can unlock their full potential, and go ahead and shape the future.</mark> <p></p> We have built our curriculum from sources created by international organizations that are targeted for teaching these topics to kids in a fun and informative manner, and the collective experience of our co-founders in the tech and entrepreneurship fields, and their skills in teaching computer science and Entrepreneurship topics to students of varying ages. <p></p> Our Vision <br> <mark>To build a powerful independent bright-minded generation who are capable of problem solving, building their tech products, turning them into business, and pitching their story to the world!</mark> <p></p>Our Mission <br> We will accomplish that through a secret blend of genuine well-crafted best-in-class curriculum, crazy teachers, and addictive learning environment. With zero standard or trivial stuff. <p></p>Our Values <br> We will accomplish that through a secret blend of genuine well-crafted best-in-class curriculum, crazy teachers, and addictive learning environment. With zero standard or trivial stuff.

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Egypt Code Club

Every child deserves a chance to have a fun & creative Learning journey. Life nowadays are not the same as before, with all kind of devices and smart devices, tablets, smartphones, computers, …etc <p></p> STEM Education is not just about learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics it goes beyond to teach children extra important skills, such as logic, persistence, collaboration, creativity and problem solving. Here comes the importance of teaching ( STEM ) to children in the early school years, they would be able to expand their minds and their ability to create and invent as well as the abilities of analyzing and problem solving. <p></p> Better Education For Better Future <br> <mark>We teach STEM concepts & skills in a FUN way. Curriculum expands with your students. Kids can Jump to Advanced levels. Students enhance important life skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking.</mark> <p></p> Courses <p></p> 1. Science <br> Amazing Chemistry, Matter, Chemical Reactions, Materials science, Human Body Systems, energy, Forces. <p></p> <mark>2. Technology <br> Scratch, C, Python, Java, Android, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IOT.</mark> <p></p> 3. Engineering <br> Electronics, Arduino, Robotics, Simple Machines, Electricity, Magnetism. <p></p> 4. Others <br> Chess, Geography,

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iSchool is providing trending technology education programs for 6 to 18 years old students helping them learn and create careers in the fields of programming, graphics, artificial intelligence, robotics, electronics and more, via online/offline interactive sessions. <p></p> In September 2018, iSchool was announced as the most innovative and impacting education technology startup in Egypt, winning 1st place award at Biznex investment exhibition for emerging companies. <p></p> Junior Coding Program<br> This program offers a clear understanding of computers and the basics of coding for your kids, which will help them develop a solid appreciation of how these technologies work and will change their view of the world! <p></p> <mark>Young Developers Program<br> This age range is great to start learning. In this program, students will learn professional computer coding languages such as Python and JavaScript, and also will learn the solid foundations of game development via game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine.</mark> <p></p> Teen Programmers Program<br> If your kids build a solid foundation now, they will have an easier time later, by joining this program your kids will be able to build a strong portfolio of advanced projects that will help them excel in college and the job market.

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1864 Accelerator

The 1864 Accelerator constitutes the first local financial technology focused 'FinTech' startup accelerator program of its kind in Egypt. Powered by Flat6Labs in partnership with Barclays Bank Egypt, the accelerator is a solid platform for fostering the 'FinTech' innovation space in Egypt through enabling entrepreneurs to transform their disruptive ideas into commercially viable solutions. <p></p> The program welcomes ideas and startups across all business areas related to financial services, including but not limited to; payments, digital banking solutions, banking relationships, machine learning, lending, trading, cyber security, data analytics, payments, cryptocurrency, insurance, wealth management, asset management, and capital markets. <p></p> SUPPORT & OFFERINGS <mark><br> - Funding <br> - Mentorship <br> - Coaching <br> - Training <br> - Industry Support by Barclays <br> - Full-time support staff <br> - Weekly Pitch Night <br> - Perks & Services <br> - Legal Support <br> - Office Space <br> - Business Networking Event <br> - Demo Day </mark>

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AUC Venture Lab

AUC Venture Lab is Egypt’s first university-based startup accelerator and an award-winning accelerator in Africa and the MENA region. We support innovation-driven and passionate entrepreneurs looking to turn their solutions and technologies into viable businesses. Since 2013, we have accelerated more than 270 startups covering multiple sectors. We believe in evidence-based entrepreneurship and with the support of our expanded network, we provide you with the right business and specialized know-how, tools and resources to connect with the entrepreneurial world and reach your full potential. <p></p> OUR PROGRAMS <p></p> Startup Launchpad<br> An immersive 8-week program in collaboration with ITIDA helping entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into technology startups. Startup Launchpad participants will learn the basics of entrepreneurship and business design, get mentorship, and support with validation and practice the best pitching techniques <p></p> Startup Accelerator<br> <mark>A 16-week program providing support for early-stage, high-growth, and innovative startups. We support startups from different industries including e-commerce, energy and environmental sustainability, healthcare innovation, creative and more! </mark> <p></p> Fintech Accelerator<br> 16-week customized program for financial technology (FinTech) startups providing specialized business finance and technology support.

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NU TechSpace

NUTechSpace is the first Technology Incubator specialized in Cognitive Technologies in Egypt,We help startups improve their product and business model and prepare them to scale worldwide. <p></p> Vision <br> <mark>To develop a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem of innovative technology, education and responsible business that will contribute in trans formative impact on the Egyptian Economy.</mark> <p></p> Mission <br> We aim to help technology based startups and provide them the necessary tools to succeed through building, innovating, and commercializing their products to contribute to the economic growth.

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Launched in 2017 by a world-class team of experts in business consultancy, technology, project and product management to empower digital economy players <p></p> pmaestro is a company founded with a sharp focus on innovation and a mission to support businesses with innovative models and digital transformations <p></p> Our goal is to help companies adapt to the changing digital world by transforming their businesses to a highly performing ones with agile and efficient operations that exceeds all expectations. <p></p> Startups Acceleration Program <p></p> <mark>We love to recruit and enable visionary entrepreneurs and young start-ups through a rigorous selection process followed by providing support system and targeted professional services, tools, resources, and mentors for these companies.</mark> <br> - We provide you with the following: <br> - A fair valuation with great terms. <br> - Hands-on and operational experience. <br> - Support in next financing round. <br> - Recruiting talented people. <br> - Marketing and Business development support. <p></p> Benefits: <p></p> Regional Access: <br> Facilitate market accessibility in your region through co.’s network. <p></p>One to one Mentorship: <br> Personal mentorship by real entrepreneurs who have had the same experience and who understand startup businesses and their resource challenges. <p></p>Business Development Support: <br> Support for lead generation, client meetings, establishing CABs, and more. <p></p>Industry Expertise: <br> Access to experts who have the technical and market know-how you need to advance. <p></p>Technical Support: <br> Provide trusted experts that can take care of the MVP phase and above. <p></p>Strategy Support: <br> Strategy Support: Support in matters of strategy and ensure strategy is well-executed . <p></p>Funding Support: <br> Funding Support: Prepare startups for the next round of financing. <p></p>Operational Support: <br> Support in all operational matters including recruitment, finance, and more . <p></p>Monthly Performance Review: <br> Create and manage KPIs to monitor startup performance. <p></p>Hands-on Management: <br> Provide hands-on management support to fill gaps in execution strategy

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Startupbootcamp FinTech Cairo

Startupbootcamp brings FinTech Cairo to the MENA region as the first of its kind FinTech program. This accelerator program supports innovative early-stage FinTech startups in Egypt, with a targeted focus of Financial Inclusion. The accelerator brings a unique focus in Egypt and helps develop the ecosystem and drives the next generation of technology startups to success. <p></p> <mark> Our intensive six-month program provides up-to ten selected FinTech companies with hands-on mentorship from over 100 industry experts, office space in the heart of Cairo, and access to a global network of investors and corporate partners from across the FinTech industry.</mark> In addition to the acceleration program, this time we are supporting the startups to scale their businesses in collaboration with established players in Cairo. <p></p> FinTech Cairo has partnered with: Visa, IFC, and GIZ to provide the expertise, exposure channels, and access to a network of industry professionals that most early-stage FinTech startups would not be able to access otherwise. These key industry players provide expertise, exposure channels and access to their deep FinTech network of industry professionals from around the world.

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We empower people by upskilling and reskilling them on digital skills through instructor-assisted, affordable and quality trainings. We provide trainings for the future of work on a wide selection of digital skills. <p></P> Our available programs <BR> - Digital Marketing <mark> <BR> - Full-Stack Development <BR> - Intro. To Web Development</mark> <BR> - Artificial Intelligence <BR> - Data science <BR> - Deep Learning <BR> - Intro. to Game Development <BR> - Kids track <BR> - DevOps <BR> - UX/UI Design

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Pioneers Space

Pioneers Space is the entrepreneurs’ community, established in 2018 with one objective: to provide a Clear roadmap to support your success and inspirational journey. Starting from ideation going through validation, launching till scaling with the hassle and risk-free to start immediately <mark>Our slogan “Succeeding Together” comes from the great inspiration “Alone we can do so little, together we can achieve so much”</mark> we’re a group of passionates toward success, aspire to provide integrated services for startups and small businesses, who are seeking the high-quality impact regardless of the existing resources, We’ve mastered the startups and small businesses’ requirements, and are committed to providing a great environment for innovation and collaboration, our clients can design their package from a variety of services

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Premium Offices in Cairo at an Affordable Price.myCOoffice provides individuals and teams with premium-quality office spaces and professional business services at an affordable price. <mark>myCOoffice provides professional spaces for working, meeting and learning with premium services. We provide coworking shared office space, workstations, meeting rooms, workshops, team offices, virtual offices and professional administrative services, and a modern coffee lounge.</mark>

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Twenty Zone

What we provide? Desks and Work Spaces - The affordable solution for individuals and small teams. <mark>Meetings Rooms - The perfect meeting space for training sessions, courses or activities.</mark> Private Offices - Private, well decorated & equipped Offices

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Work Lounge

Working toward success and implementation of your own private thoughts are a joyful bliss, which we put into serving with all means and endless creative ideas.Work Lounge TM Where Co-Working is a complete joyful experience; it's been established in January 2018 with a decisive vision to support junior and mature business entities, while still supporting independence and mutual internal cooperation; all this and more while maintaining the right price and quality services. <p></p> <mark>Whatever you are looking for to support your preferences: ​ Ultimate Core (Private hubs), Unique sharing (Sharing Community) Board section (Meeting room) or Knowledge Hall (Lecturing rooms). ​ Work Lounge TM will support your growing business with maximum contribution and commitment.</mark>

M3mal - school image

M3mal is a co-working space made and designed specifically for entrepreneurs, freelancers, students, and anyone seeking a healthy work environment. <mark>M3mal also provides the perfect space and appropriate tools in order to make your meeting, lecture, event, etc a success. Venues are equipped with data projector, sound system, air conditioning, whiteboards, besides the availability of wireless internet access.</mark> The seating capacity varies in each venue to suit your needs. Several events are even staged in M3mal for entrepreneurs, in collaboration with prominent associations to help them push ahead with their business and realize their full potential. It is a zone where work is ramped up and creativity unleashed.

Woorkhub - school image

A workspace that defines new standards in the workspace industry. A unique chosen place that provides a calm atmosphere. <mark>Stylish design focusing both on comforts and beauty. Equipped spaces that serve all your business needs.</mark> Whether you are looking for a private meeting room to meet your VIP client, or need an exceptional training room that will leave unforgettable impressions on your trainees, or just a solo desk to brainstorm your next big idea: WOORKHUB is your place to go.

New Cube Coworking - school image
New Cube Coworking

At New Cube Coworking, our shared space is ideal for entrepreneurs and students. Tired of sitting at home alone or getting distracted in a crowded coffee shop? Get a membership for a day or a month. <mark>Find comfortable workstations, great people and all the services (including coffee) you need to get things done.</mark> <p></p> Our Private Offices are furnished, secure and ready to go. Suitable for 1-2 team members, this is a great option for freelancers, consultants and small business owners. Stop wasting your time finding and maintaining a large office. Focus on accomplishing meaningful work while benefiting from our amenities and community.

Flux - school image

Flux is the place where talents meet. We support you all through the journey starting from providing the proper highly equipped space with affordable prices, <mark>In addition to offering the full access to our resources and connections that facilitates your work and get exposure, and finally the CoLife experience that involves you in the community through some events and workshops.</mark>

Regus - Cairo - school image
Regus - Cairo

The Nile City Towers Centre provides office space on the 22nd and 23rd floors of one of the most prestigious business addresses in the Egyptian capital next to the Nile. It is located inside one of the two 34-storey towers that also host a hotel, banks, food court, residential accommodation and a shopping mall. Cairo is the largest city in Africa and inside the top 20 most populous metropolitan areas on the planet. <mark>It is a magnet for companies of all sizes and kinds national and international. It has strong cultural and business links with the Middle East, and its economy is ranked as one of the strongest in that region. Cairo completely dominates the rest of Egypt half of the nation's hospital beds and universities are here.</mark> Nile City Towers Center's facilities include video-conferencing and hotels and restaurants are close by. There is easy access by car and public transport. The city is served by an international airport.

Startup Haus - school image
Startup Haus

Promoting entrepreneurship and supporting the local ecosystem, Startup Haus Cairo was established in 2017 by enpact Egypt with the support of Drosos foundation. <mark>Startup Haus Cairo is home to workspaces, services, amenities, and collaboration. We bring together a vibrant community where you can exchange ideas, knowledge and inspiration. </mark>

UrbanStation - school image

URBAN STATION is an amazing coworking community and it is located in the wonderful capital city of Egypt, Cairo. If you want to organize successful meetings, you should join this community, because it has all the necessary stuff for your meeting to end very well. If you’re an entrepreneur, you have the chance to have your own private office, where you can work on your businesses, relax, have a cup of coffee, and so on. <mark>URBAN STATION offers a wide range of facilities and amenities such as: double broadband wifi with UPS, photocopies, scanner, fax, access to the training rooms, access to the auditorium, newspapers and magazines, lunch and drinks, and more.</mark> You have the chance to join a great community with all its facilities and also to meet nice people! Become a member of URBAN STATION - Cairo today!

BeeCell - school image

BeeCell is not only about the physical place, but about establishing the Coworking Community first. Meet a lot of entrepreneurs around you and gain a lot of experience. <p></p> We start with building a Coworking community first before considering opening a Coworking place. <p></p> <mark>Surrounded with a lot of Entrepreneurs and Freelancers, you make sure you are going to learn a lot of stuff, make new friends and network better.</mark> <p></p> At BeeCell, The Entrepreneurs Coworking Space, We ensure productivity, motives and energy!

Masar Space - school image
Masar Space

Masar Co-working Space provides you a space to study, work, meet, read, run a workshop, with all facilities in comfortable way,desks, meeting،private rooms. One of the company goals is to <mark>offer more solutions and creative ways to make the work much easier for companies, individuals, startups, freelancers, and for everyone who wants to reach perfection and get the best out of himself or herself.</mark>

KAPITALIZE - school image

Why KAPITALIZE? The KAPITALIZE Standard. All of our properties are finished and furnished to set standards to ensure our tenants experience tasteful style and comfort. The KAPITALIZE Standard is not a set of guidelines, but a long-term commitment to excellence. A tailored offering. <mark>Our products which range from co working spaces to large residential villas are available in a variety of configurations to suite your requirements.We start where others stop.</mark> Once you have moved into a KAPITALIZE property, our ongoing services guarantee a hassle-free experience that fulfills your all your needs.

Woreka - school image

Why Woreka space? Saving money, Pay only for time spent at your work. Smart - Auto pilot the whole process to focus more on the target – work -. DASHBOARD - Fully control portal : contact info , space status , booking calendar , membership plan , direct community. <mark>Ergonomic - Effective calm design , separated measured sound & thoughtful lights. hospitality - Open kitchen fair use for all (drink & eat every hour).</mark> Quality - Special Valuable services for selected Professional hybrid workers while treating time as limited resource. Economic - Fullly flexiible terms let you rent desk space as long as you need , and add amenities after.

Makanak Office Space - school image
Makanak Office Space

Makanak, the leading Egyptian office space operator, was established in January 2015 aiming to fulfil the business needs of Small and Medium Enterprises in Egypt. <mark>Makanak offers high-end office space, meeting rooms, and co-working space designed to meet the professional requirements of today’s startups and their entrepreneurial budgets, while ensuring a comprehensive administrative service.</mark>

EBNI - school image

EBNI or EiTESAL Business Nurturing Initiative runs an incubation program that provides end-to-end support to business ventures to start their startups from scratch and take the same to the scale-up level. <mark>This incubator program specializes in helping hardware and IoT businesses in the niche of telecom, learning, healthcare, transportation, smart homes, and food, water & energy.</mark> They provide them with services such as; financial & legal services, technical & business services, business training, consultation, mentoring, incubation services, coworking space, makerspace, and membership & networking opportunities to the participants.

INJAZ Egypt - school image

INJAZ Egypt's non-profit business program empowers youth and student entrepreneurs by providing them knowledge about entrepreneurship, financial literacy & work readiness.<mark> They empower entrepreneurs to work towards their business ideas, brush up on their business skills, and enable them to earn and secure a better life for themselves.</mark> This program partners with different universities and colleges across the country to inspire young entrepreneurs and build potential to make successful business companies by connecting them to experienced business mentors and customized training sessions.

TIEC - school image

The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, TIEC, drives economic growth by providing knowledge and financial support to entrepreneurs and startups. Since 2010, we seek to unleash creative solutions and innovative ideas that make impacts in Egypt. Our vision expands well beyond local benefits; <mark>we aim for being a leading regional hub and world-class center for entrepreneurship and innovation. </mark> <p></p> Vision and Mission<br> IT innovations make our life easier and improve its quality. Entrepreneurial businesses spur economic growth and add to national incomes. Startups, innovators and entrepreneurs need to overcome challenges, capitalize on new opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls. The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) help them raise funds and bring them extremely close to their causes. <p></p> Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center(TIEC) runs an accelerator program to catapult startups towards investments and success by providing them with mentorship and business education. <mark>This program offers acceleration services, learning by doing business opportunities, business coaching, guidance & knowledge on topics like development of business models, market entry strategies, operations management, minimum viable product development, financial & budget planning of the businesses, access to workshops & boot camp programs and pitching opportunities in front of potential investors.</mark>

Startups of Alex - school image
Startups of Alex

Startups of Alex runs a business incubator program that provides startups with customized training, networking opportunity, guidance, business & financial skills, knowledge about business topics such as marketing & market analysis, financial literacy, business modeling, strategy formation, human resources, and management, technical assistance, and coworking space. <mark>This program also offers prototyping & digital manufacturing labs, investment opportunities, pitching skills, connection-building opportunities with investors & mentors, and recruitment support to the entrepreneurs and help them succeed in the industry.</mark>

Start Egypt - school image
Start Egypt

Start Egypt hosts a pre-acceleration incubation program that empowers, inspires, and supports entrepreneurs of Egypt to build socially impactful business enterprises. <mark>This 4-month incubation program is funded by UK's DFID (Department for International Development) and is focused on providing members with mentorship, training, coaching, tailored business support, and access to network with industry corporates.</mark> They encourage young entrepreneurial minds and assist them to turn their business ideas into scalable and profitable business ventures.

Innoventures - school image

Innoventures runs a 6-month Startup Reactor business program that accelerates and supports high-potential startups in Egypt. <mark>The participating startups receive mentorship, training, investment, office space, various perks, business support services, networking & pitching opportunities in front of potential investors.</mark> This program follows a five-step process Spark, Ignition, Plasma, Fusion, and Nova. These steps of the process support startups and help them build successful business ventures in the industrial ecosystem of Egypt.

Mint Incubator - school image
Mint Incubator

Mint Incubator operates a business program to support startups by providing them investment to take their startup businesses to the next level. <mark>Their 3-month business program offers mentorship, customized business support, training, workshops, business knowledge on topics like growth, marketing, sales, finance, legal, accounting, governance, branding, and many more, networking opportunities, coworking space, and various growth-enabled business perks & tools to the participating startups.</mark> Some of its portfolio companies are Promental, Hire Bits, Reshrimp, Startup Manager, Mayday, Cyber Talent, and many more.

FinTech Egypt - school image
FinTech Egypt

FinTech Egypt is a unified platform to foster and connect all FinTech ecosystem stakeholders, including <mark>FinTech startups, financial institutions, regulators, service providers, mentors and investors.</mark> We want to become a globally recognized FinTech hub in the Arab world & Africa, home to next generation financial services, talent and innovative development.

EFG EV Fintech - school image
EFG EV Fintech

EFG EV Fintech runs a business program that empowers and supports entrepreneurs and innovators of the fintech industry. <mark>This 4-month program focuses on driving the fintech ecosystem forward in the industry through strategic investments, pitching opportunities in front of top industry investors & stakeholders, seed funding up to EGV 1M-5M, and business advice on issues such as legal, finance & taxation.</mark> This program focuses on business verticals such as; regtech, insurtech, payments, proptech, money transfer, investments & savings, wealth management & Robo advisory, infrastructure technology, blockchain platforms, and borrowing & capital raising.

ITIDA - school image

Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) runs a technology incubator business program that helps early-stage startups and entrepreneurs by offering them business support services, flexible business workspaces, and shared facilities. <mark>They assist startups to turn their business prototype, plans & ideas into successful business ventures.</mark> This program promotes economic development by providing entrepreneurs with job opportunities, mentorship & guidance, incubation services, emergence support, a collaborative business environment, cash upto EGP 60K, in-kind services, and tools & equipment for growth.

GESR - school image

Governorate Economic and Social Revival (GESR) operates a 6-9 months incubator program that helps startups and businesses to reach from the prototype stage to the final product stage. <mark>This program focuses on technology business firms in the niche of health, education, food & agriculture, energy, and environment and provides them with funding, mentorship, technical assistance, accounting support, and training to develop prototypes into successful businesses.</mark> Some of its portfolio companies are Sun City, Mogassam, Crina, Bermuda, Green Light, and many more.

ChangeLabs - school image

We build some of the Middle East and North Africa’s most innovative and cutting edge impact entrepreneurship programs focused on key social outcomes. <mark>We also offer online training by some of the world’s leading educational programs. We aim to position youth and women at the forefront of innovation, empowering them to use business as a force for change. </mark>

T-Hub - school image

Coworking space providing premium serviced office and co-working space for the modern <mark>professional looking to either start-up a business or expand their footprint.</mark>

Falak Startups - school image
Falak Startups

Falak startups supports Egyptian entrepreneurs by investing in and mentoring startups throughout their journey to address their business needs and foster their growth. <p></p> <mark>We arm entrepreneurs with the necessary tools, resources, and networks to develop their strategies and scale-up their businesses. Our offering entails equity investment, growth hacking, networking, mentorship, training, and a wide variety of perks and benefits. After meeting the needed KPIs, our founders are able to showcase their startups on our Virtual Stage platform, a tool for connecting with potential investors, policymakers, stakeholders, and partners. </mark> <p></p> Although Falak Startups is industry agnostic and focuses on tech-enabled and scalable startups, we have an additional focused track that specializes in Financial Technology powered by EFGEV. We also foster sub-tracks that are sector-specific with the support of key industry partners. <p></p> Our startups operate from our fully-equipped state-of-the-art, 700m2 office, in the heart of Downtown Cairo, that meets all their office space needs.

Workstation - school image

We are always proud to be the place that fosters aspiring entrepreneurs and hardworking freelancers by providing them with the inspiring work environment they are earnestly looking for. We have been supporting and pushing forward creative and tech startups since 2015 and will continue to do so in the future. <mark>Need a shared working environment or a private place to work, workstation is the right place for you.</mark>

Tawrr Coding School - school image
Tawrr Coding School

Egypt's only 12-week immersive software engineering school. After our 12-week coding school, <mark>you'll be a fully-fledged software engineer, ready to build complex projects and tackle unique and unfamiliar application challenges on the job.</mark>

icealex - school image

icealex is a community driven technology innovation space with a strong social and environmental commitment. The main approach for ice activities in Alexandria is to provide an <mark>enabling ecosystem for action-oriented minds co-creating sustainable solutions for local challenges.</mark>

Django Training Cairo - school image
Django Training Cairo

If you are a web developer or aspiring to be one then it is prudent that you learn about all the latest web frameworks that will help you develop successful web applications. A framework that is fast gaining popularity is Django. What makes Django popular is that it is built on Python—a language known for keeping code clean and seamless. This makes the Django code robust and reusable, enhancing productivity and quality. Our Django course will teach you the core concepts of Django, starting from the basics and moving towards the advanced. You will learn how to make your web applications a success by maintaining code, increasing reusability, fixing bugs, and using effective template and interface systems by attending our Django classes. <mark>Django certification will be given to the candidates by our institute who have completed the course successfully. The cost of the coaching is affordable and we also offer free materials to the registered candidates that help towards your career goals.</mark>

Flat6Labs Egypt - school image
Flat6Labs Egypt

Flat6Labs is the MENA region’s leading seed and early stage venture capital firm, currently running the most renowned startup programs in the region. <mark>Annually, Flat6Labs invests in more than 100 innovative and technology-driven startups enabling thousands of passionate entrepreneurs to achieve their daring ambitions and ultimately becoming their institutional co-founders.</mark> <p></p> Flat6Labs has extensive experience supporting startups of all stages across the MENA region. We work with our investors, partners, and other startup support organizations in the startup ecosystem to support startups from idea-stage all the way to Series A. <p></p> Since its launch in 2011 by Sawari Ventures, Flat6Labs has been a key player in building and re-shaping the entrepreneurial scene in Egypt, offering young innovators with unique business ideas the opportunity to turn their vision into market-leading ventures. Egypt is recognized for being such a fertile place of growth due to the remarkable increase in the number of deals and total funding (31% increase in 2020) that the country has seen in recent years.

Gemini Africa - school image
Gemini Africa

We are a One-Stop impactful entrepreneurial hub playing an integral role in leveraging the lives of bright youth and bolstering startups through innovative flagship programs, investment options and exceptional offerings backed up by our ever-growing partnership network. <p></p> <mark>Our reach extends to the African continent as well to support African youth and entrepreneurs in conquering developmental challenges & building the capacity to create sustainable businesses.</mark>

Nahda University - school image
Nahda University

Faculty of Computer Science - Nahda University is an excellent faculty that is recognized in accordance with national quality standards and it aims to improve the scientific and practical levels of its undergraduate and postgraduate students and to strongly contribute in the scientific research for sustaining development of the Egyptian community as well as Africa and the Middle East region. <p></p>Faculty of Computer Science provides an excellent learning environment to its local, regional, and international students and researchers to be competent professionals armed with theoretical and practical foundations in the fields of computers. <mark>Curricula and instructional methods are always updated to cope with the new scientific advancements. Highly qualified instructors are hired, and a good infrastructure is prepared to enhance the theoretical and practical sides of the students and researchers in the different aspects of life.</mark>

Pharos University in Alexandria - school image
Pharos University in Alexandria

The College of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence is working to prepare a graduate who is scientifically and skillfully distinguished and has the ability to innovate and development, which <mark>makes the college graduate able to compete in the labor market in the fields of computers and information and artificial intelligence through advanced education that applies all modern learning methods and standards.</mark>

Modern University for Technology and Information - school image
Modern University for Technology and Information

The Faculty of Computing and Information is committed to: Providing academic educational services that lead to a distinguished graduate capable of competing locally, regionally, internationally, and highly qualified in the field of computers and information technology. In addition, <mark>graduates will have high professional skills and ethics and will be capable of self-learning to cope with rapid developments in his / her field of specialization. Providing continuous education, training and consulting services to achieve national development and improve the local environment. Conducting scientific research in various fields of computer science and information technology.</mark>

October 6 University - school image
October 6 University

Faculty of information systems and computer sciences, October 6 university, Provides the students with basic knowledge and skills to produce graduates with highly competitive professionals in the field of information systems and computer sciences, <mark>Develops the capacity of graduate with advance scientific research skills, and develops the capacity of the graduate to work wisely and efficiently with ethics.</mark> Faculty of information systems and computer sciences, October 6 University, also offers professional advice and technical support for enhancement and development of the local community.

New Giza University - school image
New Giza University

Advances in Information Technology are reshaping the world as we know it. Whether it’s in transportation, entertainment, education, medicine, or telecommunication, there is almost no area that has not been directly affected by advances made in the IT domain. The School of Information Technology offers a program that was designed with the aim of providing its students with an education that sets them apart. <p></p> To do so, the program offers a strong curriculum that covers the foundations, while bringing students awareness of cutting-edge technologies in their selected specialization tracks. <p></p> The school also emphasizes the practical aspect of the field and provides students with various means to practice what they have learned both inside and outside the classroom.<mark> The skills that the school cultivates, ensure that students will be able to keep up with advances in the IT domain and to maneuver its rapidly changing landscape.</mark> Furthermore, a strong business component means that graduates from this school can start their own businesses upon graduating as well as play effective roles in existing organizations.

Université Française d'Égypte - school image
Université Française d'Égypte

The Computer Engineering program aims to train specialists and professionals, mastering both fundamental computer skills and modern techniques of today and able to assimilate those of tomorrow. <p></p> It includes two options: computing and artificial intelligence. The graduates exercise the professions of developer, consultant, study and development engineer, decision-making engineer, team leader, project manager, data scientist, network administrator, security manager, software architect, etc., in different sectors of activities such as consultancy, service and education companies. <p></p> Graduates also have the possibility of continuing their studies in master’s and PhD, in order to become a teacher and / or researcher. <p></p> Objectives of the program <br> - <mark>Train specialists in technical trades that correspond to the needs of companies. <br> - Provide technological education, internships and projects directly related to market needs. <br> - Put students in real situations and improve their sense of teamwork. <br> - Train students in autonomy, initiative and organization.</mark>

Sinai University - school image
Sinai University

The Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science at Sinai University seeks to raise the level and efficiency of its graduates to meet the changing needs of the labor market locally and globally. This is achieved through the application of clear educational policies in order to develop the students’ skills. Among these policies, the application of practical ideas and research projects, a continuous improvement of the educational curricula, attract distinguished faculty staff, and establish an educational environment that helps the student to be innovative and creative. Our mission is to <mark>provide an environment that enhances creativity, innovation, and knowledge creation educating the next generation of IT professionals and leaders who contribute to the digital transformation and the economic prosperity of the Egyptian society.</mark>

Suez Canal University - school image
Suez Canal University

In light of the tremendous technological developments that the world is experiencing and the technological revolution in all fields, especially the field of communications and information technology, it becomes clear to us the paramount importance of the College of Computers and Information in graduating cadres capable of participating in the technological and information revolution in Egypt and the world. And <mark>we believe in the ability of Egyptian youth and students of Suez Canal University in innovation and creativity. Therefore, the college, with its human cadres, faculty members and the supporting staff, seeks to harness all possibilities for its students and prepare them to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the disciplines of computer science, information systems, basic sciences, as well as postgraduate studies.</mark>

Beni-Suef University - school image
Beni-Suef University

FCI Beni Suef University seeks to upgrade the scientific, practical and research level in the fields of computer science, information technology and multimedia to achieve a prominent place among the Colleges of Computing, Information and the pursuit of excellence and innovation in the fields of education, scientific research and community service at the local and regional level, also to be the college among the best Colleges of Computing and Technology classified information at the regional level and international. <p></p> The mission of the College of Computing and Information: <br> 1. <mark>Supplying the student with assets of knowledge and scientific research in the fields of computer and information technology systems science and the development of the student's personality to make him interested in innovation and a lover of teamwork and capable of local, regional and global competition.</mark> <br> 2. Curriculum Development and continually updated in line with scientific progress and the requirements of the times and the needs of the labor market. <br> 3-Develop awareness of the value of continuing education and the inevitability of self-learning and the importance of the use of modern methods in this area. <br> 4-Use scientific research as a means to achieve innovation in the areas of college by studying the economic, commercial and social importance of the return of scientific research. <br> 5-Providing distinguished community service in college areas. <br> 6. Promote the principles of credibility and ethics.

Minia University - school image
Minia University

The vision of Computers and Information Faculty is to prepare specialized and distinguished cadres in computer science, systems and information technology in various fields of society, able to compete locally, regionally and internationally while adhering to the principles of originality and contemporary. Develop Students cognitive skills through modern academic programs as well keeping pace with the tremendous development of information systems. <mark>As well as providing them with technical skills by training them in private sector facilities.</mark>

Kafrelsheikh University - school image
Kafrelsheikh University

Faculty of Computers and Information at Kafr El-Sheikh University seeks to raise the level of education and scientific research in computers and information technology to achieve excellence and innovation in scientific research and community service at the local and regional levels. <p></p> The mission of the faculty of Computers and Information includes: <br> • Building an advanced educational system that is compatible with the rapid growth in the fields of computers and information . <br>• <mark>Supply the student with assets of knowledge and scientific research in the areas of computer science, information technology and the development of the student's personality to make him willing to innovation and a lover of teamwork and able to compete locally, regionally and globally.</mark> <br> • Developing and updating curricula continuously in line with scientific progress and requirements of the age and needs of the labor market. <br> • Raise awareness about the value of continuing education, the inevitability of self-learning and the importance of using modern methods in this field. <br>• Use scientific research as a means to achieve innovation in the fields of college by studying the economic, commercial and social importance of the results of scientific research. <br>• Providing outstanding community service in the areas of information technology. <br>• Promote the principles of credibility and ethics.

Fayoum University - school image
Fayoum University

The faculty of Computer Sciences and Information looks forward to achieve excellence and distinction in the areas of education and scientific research to reach a highly distinctive status locally and internationally, as well as developing the community in terms of information, together with adhering to ethics of the career. <p></p> The faculty of Computer sciences seeks to <mark>prepare highly qualified staff in the field of computers and Information technology, who are qualified and fully equipped with the theoretical and applied basics in the specialty area and always willing to learn to compete in the job market in the context of moral values and contributing to the development of the scientific research as well as promoting local and international co-operation, aiming to render services to the local community.</mark>

Nile University - school image
Nile University

Why Information Technology and Computer Science at Nile University? - Distinguished experience and highly educated professors and teaching assistants. <br> - An excellent relationship with international Information Technology vendors including IBM, Microsoft, SAP, DELL EMC, Google and others. <br> - Project-based learning approach. <br> - Small class sizes and dedicated mentorship using in-campus and online office hours. <br> - <mark>Advanced academic undergraduate programs including Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Informatics and Computer Science with a focus on Media Informatics and Big Data/Data Science. </mark <br> - Unique Master of Science and Professional Master Programs in Information Security, Software Engineering and Informatics. <br> - High-quality diplomas in big data/data science and bioinformatics. <p></p> The Computer Science program at Nile University provides students with enormous knowledge that builds their ability to apply computer science theories, abstraction, design and implementation to solve real-life problems. <mark>The program has a strong lab-based learning emphasis and culminates in capstone projects, to design and implement practical computing systems that meet the scientific, technological and administrative needs of business and industry in the global economy.</mark>

South Valley University - school image
South Valley University

Faculty of Computer and Information is considered one of the scientific and genuine institutions for scientific research and its techniques which is characterized by an elite teaching-staff at the fields of computer and information. The Faculty includes 4 main fields; Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence. Each field is divided into precise subfields through them the faculty can keep up with the modern scientific progress at the field of computers and information. <p></p> Vision: <br> To be among the nation’s premier small research and teaching Computer Science departments. <p></p> Mission: <br> <mark>To create, share, and apply knowledge in Computer Science, including in interdisciplinary areas that extend the scope of Computer Science and benefit humanity; to educate students to be successful, ethical, and effective problem-solvers and life-long learners who will contribute positively to the economic well-being of our region and nation and who are prepared to tackle complex 21st Century challenges facing the world.</mark>

Misr International University - school image
Misr International University

The Faculty of Computer Science is very excited to have you as the newest members of our community. <mark>The faculty is committed to high quality curricula, nurturing the talents of promising students and providing them with the cutting edge of science and technology.</mark> <p></p> Our members of academic staff are well respected, both nationally and internationally, amongst the many areas of academia and industry that we interact with. We strongly believe in the principle that a university should contribute to the cultural wealth of society by developing various skills while developing the technology which will improve our overall quality of life. <p></p> We have many interesting activities and everyone in the Faculty is awaiting you to engage in.

The British University in Egypt - school image
The British University in Egypt

The Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science at the British University in Egypt is an effective and modern Faculty offering a diverse range of specialisms. The overall mission of the Faculty is to provide Egypt, and the Middle East, with a British style of education of the highest quality, and to supply graduates that feed and stimulate industry and commercial activities. <p></p> <mark>Informatics and Computer Science is concerned with the scientific, technical and human dimensions of information technology, in which computers feature to a substantial degree. Informatics and Computer Science is also concerned with the study, applications and social consequences of information technology.</mark> <p></p> The program offers a broad understanding of Informatics and Computer Science and allows you to specialize in one of the following specific areas: <br> - <mark>Computer Science (CS): is based on logical thinking and programming. It has full coverage of computer science modules and skills. <br> - Software Engineering (SE): combines the science and technology of design, as well as the implementation and maintenance of software. Software engineering program prepares the students to apply a structured approach to the development of a software.</mark> <br> - Computer Networks (CN): is designed to give you knowledge of both wired and wireless technology to enable you to enter a career in this fast-paced industry. <br> - Information Systems (IS): covers key business modules, which enables the students to be fully aware of what is going on in the industry field. It gives the student a hand on how to model a business process and analyze it. <br> - Artificial Intelligent (AI): Understand and effectively apply main artificial intelligence and robotics knowledge, to solve different real life problems intelligently and efficiently.

Modern Sciences and Arts University - school image
Modern Sciences and Arts University

There is a balance of practice and theory appropriate to the aims of the programme such that practical activity can be supported by an understanding of underlying principles. The practical application of knowledge develops confidence, reinforces knowledge and prepares students for the different facets of the workplace. The projects taken are designed to develop creativity, critical and reflective thinking and provide an opportunity to demonstrate competence and skills working independently on a practical solution to a given problem.<p></p> Students at the Faculty of Computer Science are encouraged to develop autonomous learning as well as interpersonal skills to become good communicators, self motivated, aware of own strengths and weaknesses, with clear vision and plan for own future. <mark>Computer Science offers a focused technical course of study which emphasizes software development and computer theory with the goal that students learn how computers are used to solve real-life problems. Students develop excellent programming skills as they build a solid foundation in the theory and practice of computer science and software engineering.</mark>

Tanta University - school image
Tanta University

Faculty of Computer and Information at Tanta University aims to upgrade the academic and scientific levels of the Faculty to achieve a prestigious position locally and internationally in the areas of computer sciences, information systems, and software engineering to serve the community and to achieve sustainable development. <p></p> Faculty of Computer and Information at Tanta University is <mark>committed to providing a distinguished educational and research atmosphere to graduate specialized cadres with high competitive abilities to solve the community issues related to computer sciences, information systems, and software engineering, to meet the requirements of the labor market, and to cope with local and international developments in the field of applied research.</mark>

Zagazig University - school image
Zagazig University

The vision of the department is to achieve excellence in the field of higher technological education at the local and regional levels and adhering to international standards in the commercial, agricultural and industrial fields. Produce a graduate who is <mark>able to compete in various commercial, agricultural and industrial technological fields through recent developments in the fields of technology, social development and keeping up with international standards for education and scientific research within a legal and ethical framework.</mark>

Helwan University - school image
Helwan University

The Department of computer science is concerned with teaching the basics of computer science, and what this requires from a study of logical design and computer mathematics. <mark>The Department is also concerned with teaching software of its various types, whether it is system software or application software, as well as artificial intelligence.</mark> <p></p> Our Vision <br> The Faculty of Computers and Information at Helwan University seeks to excel in scientific, practical and research in the field of computers and information locally and regionally. <p></p> Our Mission <br> The faculty is working on <mark>preparing a distinguished graduate capable of competing in the local and regional labor market in the fields of computers and information, while contributing to serving the local community and enriching scientific research.</mark>

Benha University - school image
Benha University

The mission of the Faculty is to establish a distinguished base of alumni who are specialized and <mark>highly-skilled in the areas of computer science and information technology and to make vital contributions in developing scientific research that benefit the surrounding community and the overall society.</mark> The Faculty is seeking to achieve a distinguished status in the areas of computer science and information technology on both the national and international levels <p></p> Objectives: • On the level of Education and Students. <br> - Preparing students with high efficiency at fields of Computers and Information Technology. <br> - Training students on team work, scientific research and creative work. <br> - Qualifying students to labor market. <br> - Supporting Electronic learning. <p></p> • On the Level of Scientific Research. <br> - Raising awareness for all students about importance of scientific research and encouraging scientific research at the Faculty. <br> - Encouraging publishing at international journals. <br> - Encouraging the Faculty members and their Assistants to achieve global spread of knowledge for the Faculty. <br> - Encouraging Egyptian scientists to do researches and projects, in addition to creating positive educational environment for specialized scientists. <p></p> • On the Level of Community Service and Environment development. <br> - Activating the Faculty role by its great and integral experience at fields of computer and information technology. <br> - Participation in studying problems of Community and introducing proper solution for it.

Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport - school image
Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport

The College of Computing and Information Technology was established in 2003, and has earned a strong reputation for excellence in research and teaching. <mark>With close industry links, the college offers a range of innovative and flexible taught programmes aimed at producing graduates with the personal and professional skills most valued by employers in Egypt and abroad.</mark> The School boasts a lively, supportive research environment, with its staff and numerous research students producing work of significance at both national and international level.

The American University in Cairo - school image
The American University in Cairo

We provide a high-quality science and engineering education within a liberal arts context to students from Egypt as well as from other countries. <mark>The aim is to produce generations of computing scientists and engineers who will be leaders in their profession.</mark> The pursuit of excellence is central to the department’s mission, maintaining high standards of academic achievement, professional behavior and ethical conduct.

Assiut University - school image
Assiut University

The role of FCI's in graduating cadres who are capable of participating in the making of this enormous development, <mark>providing experts in all technological fields of computers and information systems, information technology and e-commerce transactions and other sciences is important.</mark> I have dreamed of Faculty of Computers and Information in Assiut University and it had been achieved. Thank God and to scientists and professors who led this university with all sincerity so that became our dream a reality after several batches graduated from college so far deployed in the work of various companies and factories. May God grant us the strength and knowledge to keep moving forward?

The German University in Cairo - school image
The German University in Cairo

This program is designed to give students more experience with various problems in advanced computer and computational engineering, by being able to apply scientific methods, and being able to adapt to new scientific findings. <mark>Graduates of this program will have command of state-of-the-art computer engineering techniques, skills and tools, and knowledge of contemporary issues and modern trends in computer engineering.</mark> They will be able to design, as well as to analyze and assess computer components and systems. In addition, the students will learn to estimate the impacts of computer engineering solutions in multidisciplinary problems which require computational methods.

Ain Shams University - school image
Ain Shams University

This program aims to graduate a software engineering specialist who has the ability to develop, operate and maintain high-quality software, <mark>adapt modern software for different uses and applications, innovation and expression skills, and planning and follow-up capabilities. Connecting to the labor market and interacting with society.</mark>

Mansoura University - school image
Mansoura University

Mansoura University was founded in 1972 in Mansoura city, Egypt. It is in the middle of the Nile Delta. It is one of the biggest Egyptian universities and has contributed much to the cultural and scientific life in Mansoura and Egypt. <p></p>Vision - Achieving excellence and leadership locally and internationally for producing knowledgeable society through sustainable development, effective community partnerships and internationalization. <p></p> <mark>Mission - Providing distinguished educational and research programs that serve the community by providing a technological environment supportive to lifelong learning, scientific research and innovation, and building effective partnerships locally and internationally according to international standards.</mark>

Alexandria University - school image
Alexandria University

Alexandria University aspires to restore the historic status of Alexandria University and to achieve a comprehensive qualitative leap in various fields of knowledge within a frame work of noble human values, enabling it to take a leading position in its national, Arab, African, Mediterranean and global environments. <p></p> <mark>The University of Alexandria is a national, educational, research, and development institution integrated into the production and dissemination of knowledge. Also emphasis the building of a modern human being and cultural rehabilitation of the society. And be able to assume leadership positions in all sectors.</mark>

Cairo University - school image
Cairo University

The world has witnessed enormous and unprecedented developments in the fields of communications and information technology during the past few years. These developments redoubled the responsibility of the computers and information faculties in qualifying their students in order to graduate the specialized People who are able to deal with the information technology and communications revolution. Within the framework of Cairo University policy that aims to gain a model to the university of the future through developing and updating its educational programs. <p></p> Making an effort to achieve the authorized criteria of the international Academy. <mark>The Faculty of Computers and Information attempts to develop the system of study and reevaluating the curricula and applying the latest educational systems that provide more participation and choice for students to study the subjects according to their abilities and desires.</mark> Within this framework, the Faculty endeavors to apply the system of credit hours that is effective in the international universities.