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Cairo Hackerspace

Cairo Hackerspace function as centers for peer learning and knowledge sharing, in the form of workshops, presentations, and lectures. Also offer social activities for their members, such as game nights and parties. Typically provide space for members to work on their individual projects, or to collaborate on group projects with other members. Cairo Hackerspace is Hosted by The Townhouse Gallery. <p></p> <mark>We provides physical infrastructure that members need to complete their projects. In addition to space, Cairo hackerspace provide networking with Internet connectivity. Cairo hackerspace provide machine tools ( Makerbot 3D ABS printer), electronic instrumentation, electronic components and raw materials for hacking, and various other tools for electronics fabrication and building things.</mark>

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YAT Learning Centers

YAT Corporation is an Egyptian IT company established in 1996 in Cairo-Egypt. We specialize in the IT industry through our four subsidiaries: IT Learning, Software Development, Web Development, and Advertising. Each one of these subsidiaries has its own management committee, premises, and staff-members. Nevertheless, all subsidiaries share one common aim: That is to fit together in the IT sphere to deliver comprehensive top quality integrated solutions. <p></p> YAT Learning Solutions has ever since taken many reforming phases until it reached its mature academic and professional status and soon proved itself as the IT training leader in the Egyptian Market. YAT spans over a number of ten prestigious branches covering all over Egypt including Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Delta, Canal and Upper Egypt. With more than 100,000 trainees graduating from YAT Learning Centers and serving in the workforce, we certainly can firmly say: “We reshape minds, careers and even lives”! Throughout our path to the top of the IT training Industry we have achieved various challenging points on the road. YAT has gained various authorizations from most well-recognized leading universal companies in the IT Field. Moreover, YAT is the only authorized training establishment in the Middle East to some of those universal leaders. <p></p> Our Mission <br> We have designed well-studied methodologies aiming to deliver top quality and professional IT training to meet today’s technology needs. <mark>We also contribute in providing the Egyptian market with technically qualified candidates—which consequently improves the overall level of technical capabilities and performance in today’s workforce.</mark> We have come to realize that investing massively on field experiments and researching about “how to train and how to learn” is certainly a smart investment that greatly nurtures the level of information delivery to trainees. That is why we have erected four “learning castles” built on supreme technical skills, sharp vision, accompanied with endless effort to improve. Our slogan cursively draws the picture of how YAT delivers the concept of knowledge; what we live to do is delivering: “An Art of Training”. <p></p> Our Vision <br> Being a part of today’s dynamic IT arena, we have concluded how vital it is to stay on the top of the rapidly changing mercury-like-Industry. Consequently <mark>we have taken it upon ourselves to stay updated with top of the line technology releases.</mark> We also aim to outreach knowledge seekers outside of Egypt in the near future through expanding our presence internationally to shine our services light upon those whom strive for more refined forms of living—upholding industry international standards. Moreover, we have commenced putting together an e-learning project enabling those whom we cannot reach to use our virtual services to obtain the knowledge they are after. We simply look at our potential growth and expansion through the optimistic scope of “NO LIMITS”. <p></p> Our Vision <br> We believe that staying on the top is much harder than making it to the top. And that is how we have remained on the top of the IT training industry in Egypt and soon outside of Egypt as well. <mark>Our focus is to continue being on the top;</mark> simply because this is our philosophy of existence and our milestone to achieve.

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IT Gate Academy

IT Gate Is an Egyptian IT learning charity organization established in 2008 in Cairo-Egypt. We specialize in the IT learning solutions. In a large world, evolves in various areas, especially in the area of information technology,There was a need for the presence of Arabic entities which are responsible for keeping the Arabic identity in this area. <p></p>Our aim is increasing the individual knowledge of the information technology importance in the Arabic region, especially in the Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper, Oracle, Sun and the continuous investment in research and development for creating powerful solutions matches the requirements of our Arabic Region, to raise the level of Arabic participation in this area, for actively contribution in the process of human development. We commit ourselves to credible, perfection and the continued development of our organization. Improve our products and services are always our top priority, to be always the perfect choice for Arab clients. <mark> <br>- IT Gate has gained various authorizations from most well-recognized leading universal companies in the IT Field like Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper, EC-Council, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle and Sun. With courses available online, mentored and in traditional classroom settings <br>- IT Gate has a flexible educational solution that fits your learning style, budget and schedule. <br>- IT Gate is the single source for all Companies, Individuals and Students IT training needs. <br>- IT Gate allows corporate training managers the ability to easily administer their learning programs and track the progress of all participating employees <br>- IT Gate assists each client with the management and measurement of their training activities and that for maximizing the investment in training is important for all companies. <br>- IT Gate allows students to learn in the manner that best suits their schedule, budget,learning style and expertise. </mark>

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AMIT, Association Of Management and Information Technology, is a rapidly growing company which was established in Egypt from 2011 specialized in embedded systems, software computer science and IT. It's idea hold the presence of real personnel from the real market fields who expose their work experience in the provided training. <p></p> Our Diploma <p></p> Embedded System Diploma <br> This diploma will cover the main embedded systems topics that provide our learners with the required knowledge and the real world experience to join embedded system field. It will allow them to take their first steps to start their job as Embedded Software Engineer through our professional instructors who already stepped in this field years ago. Every student will Get free AVR KIT. <p></p> Full Stack Web Development Diploma <br> <mark>This diploma will move with your skills step by step from the beginning of creating static website passing by using PHP to develop dynamic website to using well known frame works like larval framework. Our experienced instructors will qualify you to join the software world as a web developer by transferring their real world experience to you.</mark> <p></p> Android Development For Beginners Diploma <br> This diploma will provide the students with the most required knowledge in the field of programming and android development. Also it will provide proven partical experience to deal with the android studio as one of the most used development IDE. <p></p> ISTQB Foundation Level Course <br> This course is designed to those who would like to join one of the most growing fields and highly demand jobs which is software testing field. Also will help you to pass the ISTQB exam and become a certified tester. <p></p> iOS Development For Programmers Diploma <br> <mark>This diploma will provide the students with the most required knowledge in the field of iOS development using Swift programming language. Also it will provide proven practical experience to deal with the Xcode as one of the most used development IDE.</mark> <p></p> Control Your Robot Diploma <br> This diploma will provide the entry level students whom barley don't have any technical background but they have the passion to study embedded systems and robotics.This track also suitable for students with zero programming background.

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Next Academy

The digital era aids helped the businesses to be more innovative depending on the digital technology which allows them to better serve their customers, increasing their power to compete and expand their presence. In addition, organizations and corporate that have digitized their systems will focus on hiring employees with digital and technology knowledge. Since a lot of the traditional jobs will vanish. <p></p> Who we are <br> <mark>We are the first academy concerned with career development in the field of information technology. We are working to provide an opportunity for fresh graduates and professionals from non-IT specializations to qualify them to join the IT jobs market in various jobs, using recent technologies such "Cloud Computing, Emerging technologies, Cyber security, software development, AI, etc.."</mark> <p></p>   Our History <br> Since 2005 Next Academy is the pioneering company in the IT field technology career development. We are present in Egypt and MENA region for more than 15 years where 25,000 Oracle consultants graduated from Next Academy, and now hold positions in respectable organizations. <p></p>   Our services <br> Being specialized in IT career Development since more than 15 years, we grow our ability to provide a full range of services covering all the needs of career building in the information technology sector. <p></p> Our services include: <br>• Training consultative services. <br>• Training and rehabilitation services for the labor market. <br>• Universities Students IT Training Projects. <br>• Project management and implementation for the governmental IT training services. <p></p> Our services are provided through specialized departments and each of the services delivered and audited according to the highest international standards. To ensure the highest quality of service delivery and customer satisfaction.  <p></p> Why Next Academy? <br> Next Academy is a partner for the top international companies and organizations working in the field of information technology such as Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco Academy, CompTIA , Certiport , ICDL, etc.. <p></p> Next Academy has more than 15 years of experience in the field of training, qualification and career development in Egypt and the Middle East. Qualifying and supporting more than 25,000 trainee to become Oracle consultants which represents 70% of Oracle Arabic speaker resources in the MENA region. <p></p> Next Academy administrative structure includes the largest number of professional trainers and consultants in the Middle East delivering practical training and career development coaching in the field of IT.

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We are a school that aims to build a unique and holistic skill set for kids of ages 7 to 14 years, to enable them to build their dreams in a future where innovation, tech literacy, and efficient communication are becoming ever essential. <p></p> While <mark>building our kids’ analytical thinking and problem solving skills through teaching them computer science fundamentals and basic coding skills, along with basic Entrepreneurial knowledge and financial awareness, as well as communication and story-telling skills, so they can express themselves and share their ideas with the world, we believe that we will set them on a path where they can unlock their full potential, and go ahead and shape the future.</mark> <p></p> We have built our curriculum from sources created by international organizations that are targeted for teaching these topics to kids in a fun and informative manner, and the collective experience of our co-founders in the tech and entrepreneurship fields, and their skills in teaching computer science and Entrepreneurship topics to students of varying ages. <p></p> Our Vision <br> <mark>To build a powerful independent bright-minded generation who are capable of problem solving, building their tech products, turning them into business, and pitching their story to the world!</mark> <p></p>Our Mission <br> We will accomplish that through a secret blend of genuine well-crafted best-in-class curriculum, crazy teachers, and addictive learning environment. With zero standard or trivial stuff. <p></p>Our Values <br> We will accomplish that through a secret blend of genuine well-crafted best-in-class curriculum, crazy teachers, and addictive learning environment. With zero standard or trivial stuff.

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Egypt Code Club

Every child deserves a chance to have a fun & creative Learning journey. Life nowadays are not the same as before, with all kind of devices and smart devices, tablets, smartphones, computers, …etc <p></p> STEM Education is not just about learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics it goes beyond to teach children extra important skills, such as logic, persistence, collaboration, creativity and problem solving. Here comes the importance of teaching ( STEM ) to children in the early school years, they would be able to expand their minds and their ability to create and invent as well as the abilities of analyzing and problem solving. <p></p> Better Education For Better Future <br> <mark>We teach STEM concepts & skills in a FUN way. Curriculum expands with your students. Kids can Jump to Advanced levels. Students enhance important life skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking.</mark> <p></p> Courses <p></p> 1. Science <br> Amazing Chemistry, Matter, Chemical Reactions, Materials science, Human Body Systems, energy, Forces. <p></p> <mark>2. Technology <br> Scratch, C, Python, Java, Android, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IOT.</mark> <p></p> 3. Engineering <br> Electronics, Arduino, Robotics, Simple Machines, Electricity, Magnetism. <p></p> 4. Others <br> Chess, Geography,

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iSchool is providing trending technology education programs for 6 to 18 years old students helping them learn and create careers in the fields of programming, graphics, artificial intelligence, robotics, electronics and more, via online/offline interactive sessions. <p></p> In September 2018, iSchool was announced as the most innovative and impacting education technology startup in Egypt, winning 1st place award at Biznex investment exhibition for emerging companies. <p></p> Junior Coding Program<br> This program offers a clear understanding of computers and the basics of coding for your kids, which will help them develop a solid appreciation of how these technologies work and will change their view of the world! <p></p> <mark>Young Developers Program<br> This age range is great to start learning. In this program, students will learn professional computer coding languages such as Python and JavaScript, and also will learn the solid foundations of game development via game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine.</mark> <p></p> Teen Programmers Program<br> If your kids build a solid foundation now, they will have an easier time later, by joining this program your kids will be able to build a strong portfolio of advanced projects that will help them excel in college and the job market.

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We empower people by upskilling and reskilling them on digital skills through instructor-assisted, affordable and quality trainings. We provide trainings for the future of work on a wide selection of digital skills. <p></P> Our available programs <BR> - Digital Marketing <mark> <BR> - Full-Stack Development <BR> - Intro. To Web Development</mark> <BR> - Artificial Intelligence <BR> - Data science <BR> - Deep Learning <BR> - Intro. to Game Development <BR> - Kids track <BR> - DevOps <BR> - UX/UI Design

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Tawrr Coding School

Egypt's only 12-week immersive software engineering school. After our 12-week coding school, <mark>you'll be a fully-fledged software engineer, ready to build complex projects and tackle unique and unfamiliar application challenges on the job.</mark>

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Django Training Cairo

If you are a web developer or aspiring to be one then it is prudent that you learn about all the latest web frameworks that will help you develop successful web applications. A framework that is fast gaining popularity is Django. What makes Django popular is that it is built on Python—a language known for keeping code clean and seamless. This makes the Django code robust and reusable, enhancing productivity and quality. Our Django course will teach you the core concepts of Django, starting from the basics and moving towards the advanced. You will learn how to make your web applications a success by maintaining code, increasing reusability, fixing bugs, and using effective template and interface systems by attending our Django classes. <mark>Django certification will be given to the candidates by our institute who have completed the course successfully. The cost of the coaching is affordable and we also offer free materials to the registered candidates that help towards your career goals.</mark>