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The Neo Hub

A place where you can Co-Create, Co-llaborate, Innovate and sale up your business while being friendlier to yourself and the environment you work in. <p></p> We aim to provide a <mark>one stop shop for innovative entrepreneurs, with intentional interest in developing and propelling our stakeholders towards being sustainable key players</mark> who are locally made but globally recognized. <p></p> Who We Serve<br> Inclusive Innovation <br> Kids; Inculcating savings, technology, leadership and entrepreneurship mindset at a young age, from as young as 5 years old. <p></p><mark>Tech Innovation <br> Startups who are intentional about the use of technology to optimise processes and disrupt industries</mark> <p></p>Innovative Startups <br> Those that do not necessarily use technology but find other new, creative and better ways to do things. <p></p>Knowledge Center <br> This project is specifically for the youth and teenagers, an information sharing center, with an aim to demystify and engage young people on issues of national interest. <p></p><mark>University Students Test Lab <br> University students have the opportunity to test commercial viability of their startups within our business development unit.</mark> <p></p>Open Innovation Space <br> Partners who are open to sharing and receiving information, allow externals to make contribution within selected companies. These third parties will be consultants through TheNeoHub. <p></p>Innovation Strategy<br> We consult on growth strategies fro private companies, governments and universities. <p></p>Market Place <br> Match making place for investors and startups.

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Limkokwing University - Botswana

A broad-based programme of IT studies, which aims to acquaint students with a wide range of problems that arise in computing & information technology, together with various methods & technologies available as solutions. <mark> <br> - Programming skills: high-level languages — C++ & JAVA; <br> - Multimedia: awareness of multimedia use in computer programming; <br> - Theoretical & technical knowledge: importance of data and telecommunications to information systems, the emergence of the Internet, and the principles of underlying operating systems and their continued development; <br> - Individual development: acquiring analytical and numerical skills for computer programming, presentation and PR skills for various working environments.</mark>

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Botswana Open University

The Bachelor of Technology in Information Systems (B Tech - IS) program is a generic Information Systems Degree. The program allows learners to earn a bachelor degree that prepares them for employment in the IT industry or for graduate school. The B. Tech in IS <mark>degree offers courses in Computer Hardware, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Systems Security, Database Design & Administration, Web Programming, Visual Programming, Java Programming, Intelligent Systems, Management & Strategic Information Systems, IT Project Management and Entrepreneurship.</mark>  <p></p> The programme is targeting learners with BGCSE or equivalent certificates, and also provide an opportunity for Computing Diploma holders to upgrade their qualifications to degree level through distance learning. <p></p> Graduates of the program will, among others, work as System Administrators, Networking Professionals, Database Management Specialists, Systems Developers, Web Developers, Software Engineers & Analyst, IT Sales & Marketing Professionals, and IT Project Managers.

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Botswana International University of Science & Technology

Why Is This Programme for Me? - Choose a computer science degree, and you will be at the forefront of the next greatest technological innovations. To study Computer Science means being in the lead in positively changing the world and the way we live. It opens doors to many opportunities since its transformations manifest to every other discipline. Its manifestations indirectly affect areas such as medicine, business, law, physical and life sciences therefore this means Computer Sciences related careers are available in different discipline altogether. The computation power of computers has been increasing exponentially over the years thereby allowing us to address problems that seemed intractable only a few years ago. This power is anticipated to keep increasing allowing computer scientists to solve even bigger problems. Therefore, the relevance of computer science is ever increasing in our lives and this will remain so in the coming years. Further the program readies you to further your studies to Masters’ or PhD. <p></p> Computer Science <mark>equips the graduate with knowledge of the following areas where they can specialize: Applied Mathematics, Digital Image/ Sound, Artificial Intelligence, Microprogramming, Bioinformatics, Networks and Administration, Cryptography, Ontology, Robotics and Drones Protocol Development, Computer Graphics, Simulation and Modelling, Parallel Programming and High-Performance Computing, and Mobile Development.</mark> <p></p> What Will I Study? <br> Computer Science is a discipline that has grown to be the backbone of a functional society proving pivotal to medicine, biology, entertainment, business, banking, sociology to archaeology. <p></p> <mark>The Modules You Will Study Include                    <br> - Computer Architecture <br> - Data Communications and Networks <br> - Databases <br> - Foundations of Computation <br> - Human Computer Interaction <br> - Operating Systems <br> - Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming <br> - Professional Issues and Ethics <br> - Software Engineering </mark> <p></p> Career and Graduates Studies Opportunities <br> Our graduates’ knowledge and skills represent principles which will outlast today’s technology, making them highly wanted after by industry and commerce alike. Career opportunities exist in a range of technology industries or visually every industry that relies on technology to develop products or provide technological services. Popular computer science careers include: Software Engineers, Programmers, System Administrators, Network Engineers and many more. The CS graduates can also continue at the PG level, as the department has MSc and PhD programmes in Computer Science.

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The Clicking Generation

The Clicking Generation – ICT Academy for kids and teens is a social enterprise that offers computing and technology curriculum to kids and teens in both urban and rural areas of Botswana. Our curriculum offers <mark>STEM and technology related exploration to underserved learners who are future technology creators of socially relevant ICT solutions. Early child technology education is key if young innovators are going to become global player in the digital economy. </mark> <p></p> Digital literacy is the new currency! <p></p> Mission statement <br> The Clicking Generation intends to deliver the most appropriate computing skills and knowledge of ICT aspects to Batswana using appropriate interactive learning techniques. <p></p> Our Why! <br> <mark>We love what we do and our WHY is simple, we hope to contribute to the economy of Botswana and related national efforts towards the delivery of quality education to all learners. </mark> <p></p> In the spirit of ‘leaving no one behind’ we are contributing to equitable access for ALL, TCG continues to advocate for increased participation for women and girls in ICT and STEM related fields.

Francistown College of Programming - school image
Francistown College of Programming

Francistown College of Programming (FCP) is a tertiary and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) based in Francistown, Botswana established in 2014. FCP is recognized by Botswana Qualification Authority (BQA) the regulator of qualification, examinations and assessments in Botswana. We offer <mark>specialized hands on training in Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Cyber Security, we also develop software’s for the local market.</mark> <p></p> Programming courses Cisco Certified <mark> <br> - Java <br> - C++ <br> - Php <br> - Visual Basic <br> - Python </mark>

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BrainSTREAM's aim is to help learners in Botswana achieve their innovative potential and equip them with the skills they need to be more employable and ready to meet the current labour demand. <p></p> <mark>Our core focus is on Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics! S.T.R.E.A.M education puts an emphasis on preparing future generations to be successful in their careers and The skills gained from our curriculum extend beyond those needed to be successful in S.T.R.E.A.M fields.</mark> <p></p> We have designed our courses to prepare our learners for the future and equip them with skills such as Problem solving skills, critical thinking and collaboration whilst instilling the ability to think critically and challenge standards is the basis of innovation. <p></p> Our Mission <br> The BrainSTREAM mission is to <mark>educate and upskill our learners, enabling them to become the problem solvers and future thinkers of tomorrow.</mark> <p></p>Our Vision The brainSTREAM Vision is to be the leading innovative educational centre in Botswana, enriching the educational sector and to impart STREAM skills to local learners and educators. <p></p>Purpose <br> The purpose of BrainSTREAM is to introduce and develop STREAM Education in Botswana. We believe that by partnering with local educators and schools that we can develop innovative education and become the Gold Standard in Botswana. <br> 100% local owned - BrainSTREAM aims to change the face of education in Botswana!

Botswana Innovation Hub - school image
Botswana Innovation Hub

Botswana Innovation Hub offers a unique platform for scientific, technological and indigenous knowledge based innovation with core values of integrity, openness, excellence, collaboration, and innovation. <mark>They add value to existing companies, foster entrepreneurship, and technology transfer while generating knowledge-based jobs thereby attracting innovative companies and institutions to the space.</mark> <p></p> Our Services <br> Technology Entrepreneurship Development <br> - Incubation <br> - Business Acceleration <br> - Innovation Capacity Building <p></p> First Steps Venture Centre (FSVC) is a technology entrepreneurship development and innovation commercialization programme, within the Botswana Innovation Hub. The centre is established to support entrepreneurship and innovation through technology transfer. FSVC identifies, develops and nurtures viable technology-oriented start-up businesses with potential to grow locally and into international markets. <p></p> Innovation Funding <br> - <mark>Promoting Innovation through provision of seed/earlystage funding</mark> <p></p> Botswana Innovation Hub is mandated to coordinate the establishment of a functional and integrated national innovation ecosystem. Key to this, is the creation of Innovation Fund that promotes innovation through provision of seed/early stage funding to companies or organizations registered with the Botswana Innovation Hub which may subcontract part of the development work to universities and research organizations. <p></p> First Steps Venture Centre (FSVC) <br> First Steps Venture Centre (FSVC) is a technology entrepreneurship development and innovation commercialization programme, within the Botswana Innovation Hub. <mark>The centre is established to support entrepreneurship and innovation through technology transfer. FSVC identifies, develops and nurtures viable technology-oriented start-up businesses with potential to grow locally and into international markets.</mark> <p></p> FSVC offers support to start-up companies to harness the potential for economic diversification in the technology sphere through ventures that embrace locally relevant technology and technical support. The Centre offers services such as hot desking, business advisory, brand activation and publicity, fully furnished offices at affordable rates, technology entrepreneurship coaching and mentoring and matchmaking which connects start-ups with the right partners

SatoshiCentre - school image

It is a lab for learning new developments in the bitcoin space, including both second layer technology. <p></p> Mission <p></p> To mentor and train potential businesses and members of the fintech and blockchain community <p></p> To build an African blockchain hub that will incubate fintech and blockchain-based startups <p></p> To connect fintech and blockchain startups to investors with the aim of securing funding <p></p> To provide start-ups with access to funding in a stable environment where all stakeholders concerns are fulfilled <p></p> To provide online live pitch competitions where startups will be given an opportunity to pitch their ideas to onlive live investors <p></p> To select startups to be given an opportunity of being incubated at the SatoshiCentre Lab <p></p> To encourage collaboration between individuals, groups and startups in the fintech and blockchain industries <p></p> To explore fintech and blockchain use cases by actively identifying and developing selected business models for public use

Regus - Gaborone - school image
Regus - Gaborone

Thrive in eco-friendly office space in a vibrant business district. Build both your business and your green credentials at our iTowers offices in Botswana’s rapidly growing capital city. The business centre is built to the highest environmental and technical specifications and puts you at the heart of Gaborone’s thriving central business district. <p></p> <mark>Be productive in workspaces flooded with natural light, then grab some refreshments in the on-site coffee bar. When your day’s work is done, discover your new favourite place to eat from the selection of restaurants in the area.</mark>

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Wena Work

Whether it’s working for yourself, or remotely, it’s great to be independent. Entrepreneurship is key to a vibrant and functioning modern economy. The financial and emotional burden of starting a business can be challenging. Having an affordable and creative space to work shouldn’t be one of those challenges. <p></p> At Wena Work, we believe the only thing you should be thinking about is your future. Come join a truly inspirational community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Our purpose is to create an environment that allows you to focus on what’s really important, getting your work done and meet interesting people. All these in one place! <p></p> BENEFITS <p></p> <mark>Below are just a few things that make us unique. <br> - 24 Hr Access <br> - Mail Service <br> - Modern Open Design <br> - Reliable Internet <br> - HD Projectors (future) <br> - Conference Rooms (future) <br> - Group Events </mark>

University of Botswana - school image
University of Botswana

Get coding immediately with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After gaining a thorough understanding of the fundamental theory, you’ll apply your new knowledge to portfolio-building projects that will prepare you to enter the professional world with confidence. <p></p> The Value Proposition <mark> <br> - Get the fundamentals down, then specialize. Learning theory trains critical thinking, meaning you’ll become a qualified problem-solver—even with unfamiliar problems. <br> - Build your portfolio with project-based learning that develop your skills, teamwork, and passion. </mark>

Botswana Accountancy College - school image
Botswana Accountancy College

The programme aims to equip students with the necessary skills to use mobile technologies in a business and societal context by learning how to design, implement, support and evaluate a variety of mobile solutions for the enterprise customer. <p></p>CAREER PROSPECTS <mark> <br> - Mobile Application Developer <br> - Mobile Hardware Engineer <br> - Security Specialist <br> - Technoprenuer </mark>

Botho University - school image
Botho University

Students enrolled in this programme learn the basics of internet applications and design principles to produce effective websites using PHP at the front end, and MySQL at the back end. Graduates will be able to work in various positions in the IT industry such as Application developer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Database Administrator, Software Tester, among others. In addition, the module on Entrepreneurship equips them the skills to be self-employed if they wish to that direction. <p></p> What we offer <p></p> As a student of Certificate Level 3 in Web Designing you will: <mark> <br> - Benefit from the holistic teaching approach that instills not just the knowledge but the practical skills that will be deployed throughout your career. <br> - Leverage on opportunities to learn directly from peers and professionals in the industry through exchange programmes, internships and industrial training placements. <br> - Graduate with an internationally recognized qualification from Botho University that will see you become a qualified and competitive professional in your respective industry. </mark>

ABM University College - school image
ABM University College

The Computer Engineering program at ABM University College integrates pertinent science and mathematics courses with electrical engineering and computer courses in order to develop an engineer capable of designing and analyzing all aspects of modern computer systems. <mark>Students learn to think outside the box to develop creative solutions to problems including the design and analysis of computer hardware and software.</mark>