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Cowork Africa

We are the first premiun co-working space in Douala Cameroon, the best place in town to innovate, share, and achieve incredible results! We provide a comfortable, connected, and secure environment to work independently, meet with clients and partners, and interact with other professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives from across the Central Africa region. <p></p><mark>Beyond simply offering a superior workplace for our members, we aim to incubate innovative startups at Cowork.Africa and thus attract, nurture and develop these key actors of tomorrow's digital age in the most enabling environment. </mark> <p></p> Our space is located on the third floor of the golden Building opposite Serena Hotel in Bali, the heart of downtown Douala and in close proximity of Bonapriso, Bonanjo & Akwa.

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Is having premises for the current development of your business superfluous? MOYO has designed its Mo'Packs for you, giving you access to a range of services allowing you to stay focused on your core business. <p></p> At MOYO you can: <mark> <br> - Work comfortably alone or with a colleague <br> - Organize your meetings with a client or partner <br> - Organize your training sessions and company meetings.</mark> <br> - Receive and draft your business and administrative correspondence <br> - Benefit from many other services on demand. <p></p> BUILD A COMMUNITY Consultants, entrepreneurs, and other freelancers go through great moments of loneliness. <p></p> MOYO offers you a platform that promotes openness to others through meetings and exchanges with exceptional people through conferences, seminars, and other meetings. <br> - Conferences <br> - Seminars <br> - And other encounters

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We provide you with fully equipped, accessible and ready-to-use workspaces. Bureau807 is an Accurate initiative to give entrepreneurs and organizations the opportunity to have administrative and logistical support for their activities. Bureau807 is a dedicated team to establish with the client the formula that best meets their needs. Bureau807 is operated as a trademark owned by Accurate. <p></p> <mark>Benefits <br> - workspace perfectly adapted to your business configuration: <br> - office equipped with 1 workstation <br> - executive office with meeting table <br> - landscaped area with several workstations <br> - high-speed Internet access for your exchanges <br> - courier service <br> - access to all professional spaces and services: photocopiers, printers, scanners, <br> - meeting rooms, coffee area, etc. </mark>

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Mankis LLC

Our Office rentals, conference rooms, event spaces, coworking spaces in Yaounde and Douala are available 24/7. Office space has become more and more expensive in the Cameroon and Yaounde , and there are many people who can’t afford it. One solution for this problem is to move into a Mankis coworking office.  <p></p> <mark>Our offices are cheaper than renting an entire office because they have shared workstations and only some private areas where companies that don’t want to share their space can go if they need more privacy.</mark> Another option is renting our conference rooms or our other venues for a few hours on the day that you need them instead of buying an entire conference center all year long.  <p></p> Lastly, Our event spaces like kitchens which provide food service or meeting space are also a great way to find affordable office rental options. <p></p> Amenities <br> - Free Wifi <br> - Fast Internet connection <br> - Equipt with ACs <br> - Very Accessible <br> - White Board <br> - A Standby Generator <br> - Free Coffee <br> - 24/7 Front Desk Assistance <br> - Equipt with desktops <br> - Clean and organised <br> - A Projector

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No matter what side of town you are, smartwork coworking is near you. We are 15 min by cab from bonamoussadi, kotto and logpom. 10 min from Deido, akwa and bonapriso. Come work and meet cool guys. Collaborate, network, have fun and make history. <p></p> Office spaces for every size and needs. <br> We are flexible and can accommodate our members' you need more space? special set-up? Just let us know. <p></p> <mark>Consultant <br> Large private office with individual toilet, storage cabinets etc. <p></p> Start Up / SME <br> Available in open space or as a private office. 4 to 6 seats <p></p> Workstation <br>Shared tables, dedicated tables and workstations available. </mark> <p></p> Just work, we handle everything <br> - Fast & unlimited WIFI <br> - Unlimited water, coffee and tea <br> - Backup Electricity and Water Supply <br> - Kitchenette with microwave <br> - Secretary and reception seats <br> - print, photocopy and scan <br> - Happy hour <br> - Air-conditioned offices

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EasyOffices is the new latest generation workspace in Yaoundé, designed to respond to changing working methods and provide an environment conducive to the development of your business. <p></p> Located in the heart of the capital, within the prestigious International Crafts Centre, EasyOffices offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals. <p></p> Whether you are an established company, a mobile worker, a freelancer, you will find at EasyOffices a workspace that meets your needs. <p></p> For the comfort and productivity of its customers, EasyOffices has a platform <mark>guaranteeing quality services, personalized services, ultra-fast wi-fi connectivity and an environment conducive to exchange and collaboration.</mark> <p></p> Concentrate on your core business and the success of your business, EasyOffices takes care of the rest!

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SEED Innovation Hub

The SEED innovation hub is a co-working space or more generally a third place. It is a center equipped with office equipment and with a high-speed internet connection. Whether you are a researcher, professional in a trade, or self-employed, the Hub provides you with a space where you can work and evolve in your activities in complete peace of mind without worrying about cumbersome details such as utility bills. water, electricity, internet, taxes, security, coffee etc. <p></p> We build for you a friendly working environment for optimal productivity. <p></p> You also have a meeting room with video projector that can accommodate up to 12 people. The Hub can also be used to organize seminars or other events. coupled with this, an agenda full of activities and training around digital helps boost productivity and increase performance. <p></p> <mark>Co-working is all the more interesting since we have the possibility of finding people with various profiles on site who can provide us with real help in our work.</mark> <p></p> We will be very honored to count you among our collaborators. <p></p> Visit to get to know each other better. We will present all our offers to you and answer all your questions as clearly as possible. <p></p> The SEED Team!!!

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Brain Booster

We are a community of bold minds who have decided to work under the same roof. Our workspace and the people around us will inspire you to take action. Whether it’s to work for and hour, a day, a week, a month or even a year, alone or with team, at Brain-Booster you will find a plan that meets your exact needs. <mark>Beautiful setting, abundant natural light, amazing comfort, fast internet, stylish interior, custom made desks, state-of-the-art AC system, top notch location, regular events and trainigs, are the ingredients that makes Brain-Booster the best place to work. </mark>

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89 is significant for our standard weekday hours of operation – 8am – 9pm (mind you our members get 24/7 access!). As digital nomads, we needed a space we could work out of that catered to our need for non-traditional work hours. We had a hard time finding one in Douala, so we did what any normal thinking person would – opened up our own! <mark>BOLO89 exists to provide high quality, flexible spaces to digital nomads, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and business travelers, allowing our members to grow their companies and exceed their business and professional goals. We provide a unique set of amenities and benefits that support business growth and professional development. </mark>Our vision is to provide upscale, flexible workspaces in every major city in Africa. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a growing startup, discover spaces that inspire your most impactful work.

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SHARA Coworking

Shara Coworking is a co-working / shared office space located in Bonaberi - Douala, Cameroon. We offer a new spot to build projects and generate connections to startups and lonely entrepreneurs seeking socializing opportunities. <p></p>Our facilities<br> Shared offices & Open Spaces<br> <mark>We offer freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs, visitors and small teams, air-conditioned workspaces equipped with high speed internet and free coffee to give them a comfortable space to make their dreams come through.</mark> <p></p> Private & VIP offices<br> We provide individuals or teams with luxurious private offices and spaces to allow them to work privately or in teams with complete peace of mind. A conference room and training rooms for your events, workshops, and seminars. <p></p> Conference Room<br> Our conference room functions as an events space, teamwork and open space, seminar room and conference room for start-ups and entrepreneurs. <p></p> Training Room The training room is suitable for hosting teams of up to 50 persons for training and workshops. <br>- Free Internet connection and high-speed Wi-Fi through optical fiber <br>- Air-conditioned offices <br>- A conference and training room (50 seats) at disposal <br>- Secretarial services when required <br>- Free coffee and water <br>- Fully equipped kitchen <br>- Free parking <br>- High-end printers and photocopiers <br>- White boards <br>- A UHD 4K 75'' Smart TV screen with the latest technology, <br>- Fully equipped, air-conditioned, and clean luxury offices

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BeeHive Coworking

Do not adapt to the environment, choose the one that suits you. Choose BEEHIVE COWORKING, which creates for you a turnkey ecosystem for your business, offering you a complete range of services and equipment. <mark>Our standardized Workspace offers you a dynamic and flexible environment. Much more than an office, we take care of the details by providing you with layouts that will make your work easier, so you can focus on your priorities.</mark>

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Jokkolabs Douala

The 1st coworking space in Francophone Africa among 700 world pioneers to undertake and innovate differently: together! <p></p> Jokkolabs is about collaborative innovation, networking and research <p></p> <mark>To innovate, it is essential to have the ability to establish exchanges and collaborations in confidence. Beyond that, innovation arises from diversity: from the crossroads of knowledge, practices, sectors, styles, generations, know-how and interpersonal skills. We promote - through our programs, new combinations to contribute to the emergence of a new society, new ideas and new opportunities that meet the needs of a globalized and interconnected world.</mark> “We cannot solve our problems with the same thought that we used when we created them. A.Einstein <p></p> We are constantly listening to the market and societal needs to encourage entrepreneurs to challenge the "status quo", find new paths... Our approach actively involves people and communities in the search for solutions to invent a world better.