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The ICT University

This program enables students to discover how engineering techniques can be applied in software development and employ their practical experiences in building effective software products. Students are taught how to deliver efficient working products on time. The best practices in software development will <mark>prepare students for work as computing professionals.</mark> <p></p> Students learn to develop their self-sufficient learning skills by taking an array of projects all the way through the course. They will be presented with a variety of scope to localize their area of study with a choice of two from five optional units in Year 3, together with an individual software engineering project. The course focuses on providing students with a combination of computing theory and practice to prepare them for immediate entry into computing profession after graduation. Students can also choose to spend the third year on an industrial placement, returning to complete their degrees in the fourth year. <p></p> This is a three year program for students taking classes in the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. Regular and part-time students are allowed to go above three years, however, students cannot be allowed in the program after five years. Students are required to complete at least 96 credit hours selected from a list of the core, required and elective courses offered. All students prior to graduation must carry out a scientific research project supervised one-on-one by a faculty member. <p></p> <mark>As a software engineering major, you’ll study the scientific and mathematical basis of computer software. You’ll learn a variety of programming languages and how to design, analyze and maintain software.</mark>

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Protestant University of Central Africa

The educational and professional objectives of the program of the CSEE Department (Computer Science, Electronic & Telecom Engineering - CSEE) of UPAC is to train young women and men capable of being useful (operational) from the end of the first year PREPA. They must be able to: <p></p> More generally, the educational objectives of the programs of the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering of UPAC are to bring students to: <mark> <br> - Develop the ability to apply the necessary mathematical tools, basic sciences, and fundamental knowledge in the fields of electronic and computer engineering. <br> - Develop capacities for professional understanding of electronic and computer engineering in order to be immediately operational for the company. </mark> <br> - Understand the importance of the social, business, technical, and human context in which a process or product that is designed will operate. <br> - Students are offered an educational foundation that prepares them for various careers in electronics and computer engineering. <p></p> Expected results <br> The inherent results of this training program are: <br> - Fundamentals: understanding principles and basics of science and engineering and the ability to apply them. <br> - Diversity and versatility: Familiarity with multiple and important technical fields, including fundamental elements of Electronic and Computer Engineering. <br> - Intensity and detail: ability to apply detailed knowledge of one or more areas of electronic, computer specializations. <br> - Management and direction: appreciation of projects (of various dimensions) designed in the fields of electronics and IT with a view to meeting major development challenges. <mark><br> - Design: Ability to participate in creative, synthetic, integrative design activities of electronics and computer science. <br> - Curiosity: desire and ability to observe, interpret, exploit life as a universal school. <br> - Communication Skills: Ability to express ideas persuasively in written and oral form.</mark> <br> - Social skills: ability to work with others in professional and social settings. <br> - Global view: appreciation of the diversities in the world and in intellectual fields. <br> - Professional ethics: ability to develop, recognize and appreciate the importance of ethical standards in professional work .

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Mankis LLC

Our Office rentals, conference rooms, event spaces, coworking spaces in Yaounde and Douala are available 24/7. Office space has become more and more expensive in the Cameroon and Yaounde , and there are many people who can’t afford it. One solution for this problem is to move into a Mankis coworking office.  <p></p> <mark>Our offices are cheaper than renting an entire office because they have shared workstations and only some private areas where companies that don’t want to share their space can go if they need more privacy.</mark> Another option is renting our conference rooms or our other venues for a few hours on the day that you need them instead of buying an entire conference center all year long.  <p></p> Lastly, Our event spaces like kitchens which provide food service or meeting space are also a great way to find affordable office rental options. <p></p> Amenities <br> - Free Wifi <br> - Fast Internet connection <br> - Equipt with ACs <br> - Very Accessible <br> - White Board <br> - A Standby Generator <br> - Free Coffee <br> - 24/7 Front Desk Assistance <br> - Equipt with desktops <br> - Clean and organised <br> - A Projector

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Developers Institute Cameroon

You can learn to code anywhere; students come to Developers Institute to change their lives. Join our driven community of career-changers and master the skills you need to become a developer. <p></p> <mark>Developers Institute's mission is to help individuals who want to have accelerated, intensive and quality training for High Tech employment, and to launch their new career. DI's focus is to build a community of leaders and individuals who have the right mindset to succeed in the thriving high tech and startup ecosystem.</mark> <p></p> By opening our coding bootcamp, we have 3 main objectives in mind : <br> 1. Help individuals who want to have a quick, intensive and quality training in coding <br>2. Help anyone launching their new career in Cameroon <br>3. Build a community of leaders and individuals who have the right mindset to succeed in the thriving startup ecosystem.

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EasyOffices is the new latest generation workspace in Yaoundé, designed to respond to changing working methods and provide an environment conducive to the development of your business. <p></p> Located in the heart of the capital, within the prestigious International Crafts Centre, EasyOffices offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals. <p></p> Whether you are an established company, a mobile worker, a freelancer, you will find at EasyOffices a workspace that meets your needs. <p></p> For the comfort and productivity of its customers, EasyOffices has a platform <mark>guaranteeing quality services, personalized services, ultra-fast wi-fi connectivity and an environment conducive to exchange and collaboration.</mark> <p></p> Concentrate on your core business and the success of your business, EasyOffices takes care of the rest!

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SEED Innovation Hub

The SEED innovation hub is a co-working space or more generally a third place. It is a center equipped with office equipment and with a high-speed internet connection. Whether you are a researcher, professional in a trade, or self-employed, the Hub provides you with a space where you can work and evolve in your activities in complete peace of mind without worrying about cumbersome details such as utility bills. water, electricity, internet, taxes, security, coffee etc. <p></p> We build for you a friendly working environment for optimal productivity. <p></p> You also have a meeting room with video projector that can accommodate up to 12 people. The Hub can also be used to organize seminars or other events. coupled with this, an agenda full of activities and training around digital helps boost productivity and increase performance. <p></p> <mark>Co-working is all the more interesting since we have the possibility of finding people with various profiles on site who can provide us with real help in our work.</mark> <p></p> We will be very honored to count you among our collaborators. <p></p> Visit to get to know each other better. We will present all our offers to you and answer all your questions as clearly as possible. <p></p> The SEED Team!!!

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IT Kola

IT KOLA is a platform for the collective development of projects focused on innovation and sustainable technologies and for accelerating the development of startups centered on social entrepreneurship. <mark>We also offer modern, connected and equipped offices, meeting/training/seminar rooms, for occasional or permanent use with the possibility of business domiciliation, assistance and advice.</mark> <p></P> Incubation / Startup accelerator <br> - Training (creativity, Business model, Lean / Zen Canvas, Pitch planner, development of entrepreneurial skills and business creation, etc.); <br> - Personalized support in setting up projects and business creation procedures; <br> - Project writing workshops ; <br> - Collaborative access to tools and resources; <br> - Mentoring and coaching by professionals; <br> - Pitch to private investors > crowdfunding , sponsorship , etc .; <br> - Animation : BootCamp, PitchCamp, etc. <p></P> Business hosting (NUTspace) <br> - Domiciliation of companies, <br> - Shared workspace, Openspace, high speed internet in the heart of Yaoundé; <br> - Meeting room, friendly space, cafe; <br> - Collaborative uses of tools and resources; <br> - Events / Animation / Netwoking, B2B;

Technipole Sup-Valor - school image
Technipole Sup-Valor

Created in 2010, the Technipole Sup Valor is the business incubator of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Polytechnique de Yaoundé in Cameroon. A tool for development, aid for innovation and the creation of viable and sustainable businesses set up by the ENSP, the establishment is a reception, accommodation and support structure for business creators. economics and project leaders. The Technipole Sup-Valor <mark>offers support for the start-up of the activity, the birth and the development of the company. Thus, it welcomes initiators of innovative projects, start-ups in the start-up phase and young companies less than two years old that are still fragile.</mark>

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Brain Booster

We are a community of bold minds who have decided to work under the same roof. Our workspace and the people around us will inspire you to take action. Whether it’s to work for and hour, a day, a week, a month or even a year, alone or with team, at Brain-Booster you will find a plan that meets your exact needs. <mark>Beautiful setting, abundant natural light, amazing comfort, fast internet, stylish interior, custom made desks, state-of-the-art AC system, top notch location, regular events and trainigs, are the ingredients that makes Brain-Booster the best place to work. </mark>

O'Botama - school image

It is a space specially designed for young innovative entrepreneurs who are making Africa today and preparing for tomorrow. <p></p> <mark>Our vision is to release the energies of young african projects owners. To achieve this, we have set ourselves the mission of being a talent catalyst that strengthen the entrepreneurial culture among these young africans and supports them in the creation of innovative solutions for Africa and for the world.</mark> <p></p> The name O’Botama is an association of the letter “O”, which recalls its attachment to O.S.E.R L’Afrique and the word “Botama” which means “Birth” in Lingala (a Congolese language). O’Botama is therefore the place that gives birth to young entrepreneurs who subscribe to the approach that has always been ours: to dare Africa today and prepare for tomorrow.

Ongola Fablab - school image
Ongola Fablab

Digital Manufacturing Laboratory to support young people in initiating innovative projects by quickly <mark>moving from the idea to the functional prototype.</mark>

Next Generation Technologies Centre - school image
Next Generation Technologies Centre

Next Generation Technologies Centre (NGTC) is a technology training center which was founded in 2017, and it is located in the capital city Yaoundé, Cameroon. NexGen seeks to address the gap in providing skills for next generation workers for Africa. Also NGTC features high-bay labs, multi-purpose training areas and an energy-efficient and naturally lighted environment for learning. NexGen links workforce education to the latest technology, and offers training to both junior and college youths as well as working adults who need to improve on their old skills. <mark>The NGCT, ranks amongst the most competitive state of the art technology training complex in Cameroon and it is designed to achieve excellence and foster creativity amongst the brightest minds.</mark> NexGen also offers after school programs where students from ages 7-20 years old to fine tune their skills and reduce their skill gaps. They can design their own learning paths and gain skills in different study areas focusing on (3D modelling and printing, electronics and robotics, Artificial Intelligence, application development, web development, game development, graphic design, and photography). Students can learn independently through a specially designed interface, workshops and learning labs led by NexGen staff and industry of professionals around the world. Since its creation, <mark>NexGen has trained and mentored over 200 students in different areas of technology and engineering. </mark>We have a total number 4 workers, and 5 volunteers contributing to the attainment off its goals, and 6 other trainers who are part time.

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Startup Academy

The Cameroon Startup Academy is a youth-led Cameroonian-based professional training institution empowering young Cameroonian entrepreneurs, transforming skills into potential businesses and creating entrpreneurial ecosystems in Cameroon through intensive human capital development and facilitating access to critical finance for start-ups and SMEs to foster private sector growth and development. <p></p> We assist young people to start and grow their own sustainable businesses through delivery of capacity building initiatives, access to finance and ready markets. <p></p> <mark>We equally provide consultancy services in business analysis, financial forcast and pitching for youth-led Small and Medium sized enterprises.</mark> <p></p> Our startup accelerator program known as STARTUP ENERGIZERS runs for 3 months every year and aims at accelerating 50 startups in Cameroon annually, through providing intensive training, coaching from sucessful business executives, linking up investors and startups during a demo day, and providing product testing services.

Caysti - school image

CAYSTI is firstly an After-school program that aims to Empower and Support the next generation of tech leaders and reduce the gender gap in the tech industry! <mark>CAYSTI is also an incubator that supports its students' projects</mark>

BeeHive Coworking - school image
BeeHive Coworking

Do not adapt to the environment, choose the one that suits you. Choose BEEHIVE COWORKING, which creates for you a turnkey ecosystem for your business, offering you a complete range of services and equipment. <mark>Our standardized Workspace offers you a dynamic and flexible environment. Much more than an office, we take care of the details by providing you with layouts that will make your work easier, so you can focus on your priorities.</mark>

StartUp'Nkap - school image

We accept ventures from all sectors; Agribusiness, IT and Software, Fashion and Design, Health, Renewable Energy, Real Estates, Education and Training etc. <mark>We offer mentorship and coaching opportunities to start-ups and SMEs this to enable them have specific skills and knowledge that will maximize their business potential and improve their performance</mark>

ECOLIA Labs - school image

We are ECOLIA Labs, a space for technological innovation and an incubator to help young people in Cameroon and Central Africa develop new leadership and use digital to create financially viable businesses with a strong social impact. <p></p> <mark>Build the future generation of Tech Social Entrepreneurs that Cameroon and Central Africa need to meet their Sustainable Development challenges</mark>