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KmerTech is the Cameroonian network of support structures for innovative entrepreneurship and startups with the mission of promoting and enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem for a solid economy. <mark>It constitutes itself as the Cameroonian network of support structures for innovative entrepreneurship.</mark> Prepares the ecosystem for a better influence of innovative entrepreneurship in order to boost the digital economy.

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The Boris Bison Incubator programme will coach, train and mentor young entrepreneurs every 3 months, that will expose them to how the corporate environment works, with good corporate governance, project management, while learning best business practices. The programme will help participants develop a business plan, understand business policies that create successful enterprise. The programme will train participants on how to use the internet to grow their business with proper commercial correspondence and communication skills, using modern payment gateways for faster business transaction, and how to get loans to facilitate their business. <p></p> <mark>Ideation <br> - Ideation workshops, Masterclasses, Co-working spaces, Newsletters, Events/Networking, Ecosystem Access <p></p> Build and Grow <br> - Tech-enablement, Workshops on a variety of topics or to accelerate business growth, Online learning, Mentorship <p></p> Grow and Scale <br> - Mentorship, Preparation for funding, access to specialised skills </mark>

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Mountain Hub

We germinate business ideas and attract the talent to execute. Entrepreneurs in Cameroon and Africa often struggle to find the capital or source expertise required to develop their idea into thriving businesses. Mountain Hub seeks to fix these issues by <mark>providing co-working spaces, accelerator programs, and mentorship opportunities.</mark> As a result, fintech-based startups can get the funding, training, and connections they need to transition from concept to implementation

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IT Kola

IT KOLA is a platform for the collective development of projects focused on innovation and sustainable technologies and for accelerating the development of startups centered on social entrepreneurship. <mark>We also offer modern, connected and equipped offices, meeting/training/seminar rooms, for occasional or permanent use with the possibility of business domiciliation, assistance and advice.</mark> <p></P> Incubation / Startup accelerator <br> - Training (creativity, Business model, Lean / Zen Canvas, Pitch planner, development of entrepreneurial skills and business creation, etc.); <br> - Personalized support in setting up projects and business creation procedures; <br> - Project writing workshops ; <br> - Collaborative access to tools and resources; <br> - Mentoring and coaching by professionals; <br> - Pitch to private investors > crowdfunding , sponsorship , etc .; <br> - Animation : BootCamp, PitchCamp, etc. <p></P> Business hosting (NUTspace) <br> - Domiciliation of companies, <br> - Shared workspace, Openspace, high speed internet in the heart of Yaoundé; <br> - Meeting room, friendly space, cafe; <br> - Collaborative uses of tools and resources; <br> - Events / Animation / Netwoking, B2B;

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Technipole Sup-Valor

Created in 2010, the Technipole Sup Valor is the business incubator of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Polytechnique de Yaoundé in Cameroon. A tool for development, aid for innovation and the creation of viable and sustainable businesses set up by the ENSP, the establishment is a reception, accommodation and support structure for business creators. economics and project leaders. The Technipole Sup-Valor <mark>offers support for the start-up of the activity, the birth and the development of the company. Thus, it welcomes initiators of innovative projects, start-ups in the start-up phase and young companies less than two years old that are still fragile.</mark>

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It is a space specially designed for young innovative entrepreneurs who are making Africa today and preparing for tomorrow. <p></p> <mark>Our vision is to release the energies of young african projects owners. To achieve this, we have set ourselves the mission of being a talent catalyst that strengthen the entrepreneurial culture among these young africans and supports them in the creation of innovative solutions for Africa and for the world.</mark> <p></p> The name O’Botama is an association of the letter “O”, which recalls its attachment to O.S.E.R L’Afrique and the word “Botama” which means “Birth” in Lingala (a Congolese language). O’Botama is therefore the place that gives birth to young entrepreneurs who subscribe to the approach that has always been ours: to dare Africa today and prepare for tomorrow.

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Ongola Fablab

Digital Manufacturing Laboratory to support young people in initiating innovative projects by quickly <mark>moving from the idea to the functional prototype.</mark>

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CAYSTI is firstly an After-school program that aims to Empower and Support the next generation of tech leaders and reduce the gender gap in the tech industry! <mark>CAYSTI is also an incubator that supports its students' projects</mark>

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We are ECOLIA Labs, a space for technological innovation and an incubator to help young people in Cameroon and Central Africa develop new leadership and use digital to create financially viable businesses with a strong social impact. <p></p> <mark>Build the future generation of Tech Social Entrepreneurs that Cameroon and Central Africa need to meet their Sustainable Development challenges</mark>

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Jaba Space

Jaba Space, which means "sharing space" in language Douala, is the meeting place between entrepreneurs, start-uppers, project and idea holders companies looking for a creative work environment and ready-to-use, <mark>start-up support (incubation) or a boost for the development of their activities.</mark>

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WETECH - Women in Entrepreneurship and Technology is an organization and an Innovation Hub in Cameroon dedicated to supporting African women in the fields of entrepreneurship and Technology. <p></p> A COWORKING SPACE AND A DYNAMIC NETWORK Active members, ready to mark economic and social change in Africa. <p></p> FORMATION & MENTORING<br> Support and training programs for better education of women and young girls. <p></p> <mark>INCUBATOR & ACCELERATOR<br> Various programs and resources for the development and monitoring of projects.</mark> <p></p> SERVICES & EXPERTISE<br> Promotion of women's know-how and our expertise in fields integrating Information and Communication Technologies. <p></p> OUR SUPPORT PROGRAMS<br> From idea to expansion<br> WETECH Women in Code (WIC)<br> Training in Emerging Technologies and Entrepreneurship. <p></p> WETECH CIRCLES<br> Dedicated to project ideas from women entrepreneurs, women's groups, and girls. <p></p> WETECH Incubation Program<br> Program dedicated to projects that have already validated their contract or prototype. <p></p> WETECH WILE<br> Scaling Readiness Program for Startups and Women-Owned Businesses.

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Zixtech Organization

The mission and vision of Zixtech Organisation is to improve the future. Making the people, community and country better than the way it is. We give hope by improving the future. Our Mission To improve the inhabitants, Community, organizations.<mark> Zixtech Organization is concerned with issues of entrepreneurship, ICT, Community development, empowering grassroot organizations, health and social work in Cameroon and Africa.</mark> <p></p> Aims and Objectives <br> 1. We aim to provide the needed life line to help people improve their lives in Cameroon especially in rural communities. We identify their problems and seek possible ways to address them. <br> 2. We aim to support people who are marginalized in the communities, be it due to physically handicapped, the elderly, people with mental illness, people with albinism and needy children. <br> 3. We aim to create awareness and educate the community on issues affecting the well-being of their communities which includes communal hygiene, HIV/AIDS pandemic, recycling and climate change <br><br> <mark>Our projects span across various fields including education, Web development, providing assistance to discriminated and disadvantaged community groups such as people with disabilities, street children and orphans in particular, Volunteerism, Community development, fundraising.</mark>

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Jongo Hub

Jongo Hub as the cradle of innovation is all about the power of innovation through community and collaboration. <mark>Our greatest desire is to promote high-impact entrepreneurship and empower young entrepreneurs for transformation in Africa.</mark> <p></p> Since May of 2017 Jongo Hub has incubated over 30 startups through annual incubation programs that supported aspiring entrepreneurs to<mark> build, launch and scale their tech-enabled solutions that solved local problems in our society and promoted socio-economic development within the national territory and in line with the sustainable development goals.</mark> <p></p> Within this incubation period, the entrepreneur will benefit from a co-working space at the hub and other direct/indirect services to help them develop, market, and grow their businesses which includes but is not limited to Market research, User Research/Ethnography/Behavior Change, Prototype Development, Engineering Review,Product Development, Product/Competitor, Benchmarking, Product Strategy, Pilot/Field Testing Strategy, Manufacturing, Packaging Design, Distribution and Sales Strategy, Supply Chain Sourcing/ Management, Quality Control, and Vendor Management, Client and Inventory Management, Monitoring/ Evaluation of Impact, Access to a technology Lab, a maker space and a creative art workshop