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GoWork is about more than just office space. Yes, you get all the advantages of a big office building for a fraction of the cost and yes, with the boardrooms at your disposal, you can have professional meetings and presentations at no extra charge and yes, there are countless other reasons why this is the ideal office space for you, but again, there's more to it. <p></p> <mark>GoWork provides you with the opportunity to learn and grow from fellow entrepreneurs' knowledge and experience through daily networking, the power of our community is invaluable.</mark>

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Vtech Training Academy

Vtech Training Academy is a leading seminar and training Program Company based in Windhoek which offers training programs and seminars for small, medium and large corporations, government and individuals. We provide Inhouse, Onsite and customised training that suit your needs. Our course structure is flexible and designed to match clients’ available time and budget. The academy produces its own materials and on an as-needed basis can source reputable materials on the open market We are able to provide off- and on-site training. <p></p> <mark>IT certification programs ensure the technical competence of IT professionals through a tangible measurement of skills and knowledge. The certification is one of the proofs with an aspirant which allows to manager to make sure the candidate’s ability, through a very competent way.</mark> <p></p> <br> - Web design & Development: HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, CMS, Java <br> - Application Development (PHP & MySQL, HTML 5, JavaScript)

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Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub

Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub is a project by the Faculty of Computing and Informatics at the Namibia University of Science and technology (NUST). <p></p> The Hub has been fully funded from November 2017 to October 2019 by the Finnish Embassy in Namibia. <p></p> Our goal is to become a self-sustaining entity, which will keep on providing inclusive innovation services in Namibia and beyond. To achieve this goal, we work together with partners – private sector companies, parastatals, government entities, NGOs, communities and innovators – who share our vision of a prosperous and inclusive Namibia. <p></p> What do we offer? <p></p> Unlike many other innovation Hubs in the world, we are not a physical working space but a network, which brings together people, organisations and resources. Our work includes and empowers those who are usually excluded when new solutions are developed. <p></p> <mark>We are specialised in developing IT innovations, but our approach is people-centric. We understand that technologies in themselves do not solve problems. That is done with people, with help from technologies.</mark>

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The Business Bee Hive

Got business meetings coming up and want to impress your investors and clients? Come visit The Business Hive on 8 Simeon Shixungileni Street to host your meetings and impress your clients and investors while doing so. <br> - Meeting rooms <br> - Boardrooms <br> - Training facility <mark><br> - Private office <br> - Co-working (Hot Desks)</mark>

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Regus - Windhoek

Base your business in Windhoek, one of Namibia’s key commercial hotspots. Mareua Mall is close to major highways and Hosea Kutako International Airport, allowing commuters and visitors to arrive with ease and park on site. <p></p> <mark>Plenty of natural light floods this modern workspace, with an outdoor terrace for those who want to work flexibly. Based within the shopping centre, access plenty of amenities, and entertain clients easily at the end of the day.</mark>

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Dololo DoBox

Dololo DoBox offers Workhops, mentoring networking events, digital training and as well as project management for Start-up competitions, programmes and Corporate innovation projects <p></p> <mark>In addition to this, we connect organisations and leaders with the next generation of change-makers. Businesses engage with us to gain insights on trends, identify risks, access innovation and market views.</mark> <p></p> What can we do for you? <p></p> Pitchtraining in groups <br> In a small group together with like-minded young entrepreneurs we are practicing your pitch until its pitch-perfect! <p></p> Pitch Competition Prep <br> We are working with you individually before your pitch competition to make sure that both rhetoric and content are blowing the judges away! <p></p> Optimizing Pitchdeck <br> <mark>You have been in touch with an investor, who is interested in your business and asked for a pitchdeck? We can help you bring your business presentation to another level!</mark>

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International University of Management

The Bachelor of Science in Software Development is developed to aid eradicate the shortage of software developers in Namibia and the whole of Africa. This qualification <mark>equips students with the essential tools and proven techniques (including business as well as IT skills specialising in the development of software) that can help solve specific technically problems to spearhead major developmental initiatives and create culture of innovation and engagement.</mark> <p></p> Upon completion of this qualification, graduates would have acquired knowledge of software development, computer systems and management that will enable them to analyse, design and implement software solutions in a wide range of real world problems. They will be able to recognize the multidisciplinary nature of information systems and be familiar with Software Development. They would also be able to evaluate software effectiveness in a business enterprise.

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University of Namibia

From instant messaging to contactless payments, we interact with computers every day. Computing helps enhance our quality of life and can be used to meet the challenges that ongoing advances in technology create. This course helps you acquire the knowledge and skills that are invaluable in the computing industry. <p></p> In this course, we aim to help you explore a range of topics, such as, <br> - Programming <br> - Software engineering <br> - Distributed computing <br> - Artificial intelligence <p></p> <mark>We'll look at both the theory and practical side of things to help you develop your abilities. Having knowledge of both makes all the difference when you seek employment in this rapidly expanding industry.</mark> <p></p> Your tutors will encourage you to identify problems, and then work out how to solve them using software. You might get involved in developing software solutions that use artificial intelligence (AI). Or perhaps you’ll look at how to use computing applications in engineering or scientific experiments to combat environmental problems.

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Namibia University of Science and Technology

The department aims at providing educational opportunities for students who are interested in and motivated to work as Computer Scientists, Software Developers, Systems Administrators or Networks Specialists. <p></p> <mark>This programme is purposefully designed to provide skillful, competent and motivated graduates for the increasing and numerous challenging tasks of Computing and Information Technology (CIT) in the country and the Khomas region at large.</mark> <p></p> Students will have the opportunity to develop the required cognitive/intellectual skills, practical as well as key transferable skills, and apply these to address/solve CIT related problems/challenges in the context of an organisation, or the community.