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National University of Lesotho

The Faculty of Science and Technology offers excellent opportunities to local and foreign students interested to build a career in any of the disciplines of Pure Sciences, Applied Sciences, Engineering and <mark>Technology</mark>. It has excellent teaching and research facilities and well-qualified staff. <p></p> Our vision is to be a leading faculty of the sciences, applied sciences and engineering in both teaching and research in order to provide innovative solutions to societal problems. <p></p> The mission of the Faculty is to utilize its share of resources for research, effective quality teaching in the major disciplines of the natural and applied sciences. In pursuit of its mandate the faculty shall take due cognizance of the overarching University Mission to place science and <mark>technology as drivers for developmental processes for the nation.</mark>

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Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

This programme will direct students to the development and use of multimedia systems. Students are exposed and trained in the relevant programming skills with use of multimedia applications: Theoretical & Technical: Understanding the role of communication technology and tools as applied to distributed multimedia; <mark>Programming Skills: Developing skills and in-depth understanding of the use of multimedia tools (applications) with programming languages for Internet and World Wide Web applications;</mark> Design: Learning the importance of interactive design in computer programming.