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Madagascar Professional Training Centre

Computer programming is important today because so much of our world is automated. Learning the fundamentals of programming can set you apart from your peers and give you a competitive edge in this tech-driven world. MPTC offers two types of programming training: <br> - Web programming <br> - Desktop application programming. <> Web programming <br> In order for your business to grow rapidly, your brand must be visible and connections to the world must be created. The development of a website is thus the key to achieving this. A website is the storefront of the business, giving customers a taste of what you have to offer and enticing them to go further. <p></p> Our web programming course will help you to be able to build, edit and maintain websites. It refers to the writing, markup, and coding involved in web development. It allows the creation of applications intended to be deployed on the Internet. These web applications consist of web pages that can take different forms: static pages or dynamic pages. <p></p> Desktop application programming <br> Desktop application programming is a process by which programmers create applications that can be used on desktop computers and laptops. These apps are usually designed for Windows, macOS, Linux, or other desktop operating systems. <p></p> Desktop apps are software programs that interact with the operating system, not web or mobile apps. This term refers to any program that does not need a browser to run on your computer. Some examples are Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and Skype. <p></p> This course consists of five (5) modules of different languages ​​with which it is possible to develop desktop applications: <mark> <br>Module 1 : Algorithms, Turbo Pascal and Language Pascal <br>Module 2: Programming in VB.Net <br>Module 3: Programming in C <br>Module 4: Programming in JAVA <br>Module 5: Programming in C# (CSharp) </mark>

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Don't need a computer, or do you already have your own? Do you want to take advantage of a free work space, for the day? This location of our coworking space, on the ground floor of our building at Tana Water Front, is the ideal solution. An open and relaxed environment, promoting interaction with our other members. <p></p> Security and Technology A space in the heart of Tana Water Front: restaurants, shops, fiber optic connection, etc. SKIILLZ - ​​Network, develop your address book with our professional events <p></p> <mark>Expand your network Meet SKIILLZ members in a collaborative environment, promoting sharing SKIILLZ - ​​A coworking space available à la carte (open space, office, room, day, week, month)</mark> <p></p> Modular offers One-shot, short or long term? Open space, office or room? Choose the offer that suits you

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Eden Space

Are you a start-up, a freelancer or an auto-entrepreneur on the move and are you looking for a professional, calm and inspiring collaborative space to work? <p></p> Take advantage of it because at Eden Space, it's practical and economical! <p></p> In short, ideal for mixing office and "home office"! <p></p> <mark>In open space, nomadic workstations are the perfect solution for teleworkers and anyone looking for a stimulating work environment, at a very affordable cost and who do not necessarily need a dedicated workspace. </mark> <p></p> Benefits <br> - Monthly without commitment <br> - Free placement (in nomadic space) <br> - Access to the common relaxation area <br> - Hot drink offered <br> - Secure fiber optic internet <br> - Access to the coworking space from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. <br> - Optional: Printer and scanner / Reservation of meeting rooms

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Le BOP Village

Founded in 2016, the center began its history as a coworking space under the name "Le BOP". It was transformed, almost in spite of itself, into a center of activities at the beginning of 2019 and became the BOP Village. <p></p> Tsiory and Hioby, founders and brother and sister, have always been keen to make the BOP, whether village or not, a dynamic living space for young self-employed workers and/or entrepreneurs. The watchwords? Share, exchange and collaborate. <p></p> Share what? The resources. Electricity, internet, knowledge by working in an open and accessible place. Exchanging... ideas. By creating small or larger events and transforming the workspace into a meeting space. <p></p> <mark>Collaborate, finding, creating synergies between people or entities that intersect within the villa. And "Village", precisely because by creating, strengthening and perpetuating the links between young people, Le BOP will take on the appearance of a small village, with its traditions, its culture and its values.</mark>

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ActionSpace Coworking

Come work in a friendly and family environment. Each of our spaces are equipped with a socket directly on the table with divisions to optimize confidentiality and your concentration. Our coworking space has its own generator: so, no more worrying about breakdowns! All for as little as Ar15,000 per day or Ar10,000 for 4 hours. <p></p> You need privacy to make a phone call or participate in a videoconference, use one of our Call Booths by the hour (supplement of 1,500 Ar/hr) or for the day (15,000 Ar/day) . <p></p> <mark>Access our kitchen, our lounge area or the outdoor garden for free and enjoy our good coffee or a cup of tea offered by ActionSpace Coworking. Meal available on site from 10,000 Ar on reservation.</mark>

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With our 9 sites in Antananarivo, we offer you various office solutions through the concept of COWORKING in Madagascar as well as a multitude of business services. Meeting room rental equipped according to your needs 6 rooms for 6 to 30 people available for hire by the hour, day or half-day. <p></p> So many benefits <p></p> <mark>INTERNET<br> Professional grade fiber optic connection <p></p> HALL<br> Access to 6 meeting rooms equipped with the RedZone network <p></p> ENERGY<br> Access to water and electricity included in all our offers <p></p> HYGIENE<br> Housekeeping & daily cleaning provided by qualified agents <p></p> FURNITURE<br> New office furniture with a private storage locker</mark>

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Koon Space

Koon-space is an incubator which gives financial, mentoring and training support to entrepreneurial startups. We have a common workspace, or coworking space, which offers a workplace, a meeting room, a place for training and seminars, networking events and / or business services in collaboration with the KENTIA Group HOLDING sarl. <p></p> KOON SPACE is the first franchise of collaborative spaces in Madagascar. Our spaces spread throughout Madagascar are intended to accommodate entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, nomadic workers, consultants, trainers, etc. in a functional, comfortable and friendly environment. Our offers can be per hour, per day and/or per month, according to your rhythm, your budget and/or your desire <p></p> Vision <br> <mark>To be the largest network of coworking spaces, offices, training and meeting rooms, while generating synergies between members of our community.</mark> <p></p> Values <br> Leadership: customer satisfaction, notoriety Professionalism: responsiveness, helpfulness and flexibility Conviviality: synergy, networking Innovation: creativity, disruption

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It is the Hub for innovation and the technological community in Madagascar: coworking, events, training and development of technological startups, Habaka basically aims to <mark>bring together the Malagasy technological community (bloggers, entrepreneurs in new technologies, developers, technophiles and enthusiasts, etc.) around the activities it promotes.</mark> <p></p> Coworking Space | Training & Meeting rooms <br> Whether to collaborate, work, meet, alone or in a team, we provide you with our modern, comfortable and equipped coworking space. Similarly, depending on your needs, we have a meeting room that can accommodate up to 50 people, and a small training room for 25 people. <p></p> As an option, the following equipment is available: <br> - Laptops <br> - Workstation PCs <br> - Video projector <br> - 42″ screen <p></p> Whether you work for a large company, whether you are a freelancer or your own boss, our infrastructures offer you optimum working conditions to guarantee your productivity.

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Higher Polytechnic Institute of Madagascar

The Higher Polytechnic Institute of Madagascar or ISPM, the first private polytechnic institute in Madagascar was created in January 1993 in Antananarivo on the initiative of Professor RABOANARY Julien Amédée. When it was created in 1993, it was known as the Ecole Supérieure de Sciences et Techniques de l'information à Madagascar or ESSTIM, having only one course in IT Management, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (IGGLIA). <p></p> The objective of the ISPM is to train Technicians and Engineers in tune with scientific and technological progress and aware of the economic and social realities in Madagascar. <p></p> The training course consists of three parts, namely: <mark><br> - Three years of theoretical and practical training followed by a three-month internship within a company. <br> - This internship is the subject of a dissertation defended in public with a view to obtaining a Bachelor's degree; <br> - Two years of deepening of knowledge followed by an internship generally six months research work in a company and concluded by a public defense for obtaining an Engineering Diploma; <br> - Years of research in preparation for obtaining a doctorate degree.</mark> <p></p> All companies (public or private) can no longer do without IT tools, especially IT applied to management. The Computer Science Management Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence sector is a sector whose objective is the training of Engineers and Senior Technicians capable of mastering all computer techniques relating to business management.