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Benin Business Angels Network

Benin Business Angels Network is a network of Business Angels based in Benin. Launched in April 2019 at the end of the Early Stage Startup Investment Conference (ESSIC), it is made up of local and diaspora entrepreneurs, investors and professionals willing to invest their money, open their networks and guide ecosystem entrepreneurs. The network will help provide seed capital to promising startups to help them grow rapidly. <p></p> Capital contribution<br> The BBAN provides startups in the seed or development phase with financing from individual or group investments made up of investments in equity or convertible debt. <p></p> Skills contribution<br> <mark>Beyond the financial aspect, entrepreneurs benefit from the expertise of Business Angels (BA) who offer them quality mentoring and support with a view to improving the management of their businesses.</mark> <p></p> Contribution of a network<br> The BBAN provides entrepreneurs with a vast relational network, important for broadening their fields of action and accelerating the growth of their businesses.

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Leadpreneur Academy

Leadership Entrepreneur Academy "LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY" An academia designed to help you earn mastery skills. We in Leadpreneur Academy understand the deeper reason for being an entrepreneur/Leader or starting your business or becoming skillful. We in Leadpreneur Academy understand the deeper reason for being an entrepreneur/Leader or starting your business or becoming skillful and having an online degree. <p></p> This program has been reviewed with the intention of making the program competitive while maintaining the high standard of the program. With the Courses offered, the graduates will become highly competitive in the job market and at the same time prepare them in becoming independent in making choices of career and self employment. Students are trained not only in the technical areas of specialization but also in personal development, communication skills and entrepreneurship. <p></p> The primary aim of the Computer Science Department is to provide a sound training leading to a M.Sc. degree in computer science. It is also the aim of the department to provide general computer science Courses required in other disciplines. It is intended that upon completion of the programme the graduate should: <mark><br> - be able to identify and apply software engineering and hardware engineering tools effectively; <br> - have acquired adequate skills to be able to design and implement suitable computer applications, both software and hardware, and advice on such applications; <br> - be fully equipped to take on postgraduate studies in computer science; and <br> - have attained a level of academic competence in computer science to be able to function as a productive member of his/her profession.</mark>

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Sèmè City

Sèmè City is a space where all resources are brought together so that together entrepreneurs, researchers, students and professionals rethink the Africa of tomorrow. The economic, social and cultural challenges of the African continent require us to innovate beyond existing frameworks. Benin hopes to develop a unique venue that will train a new generation of talent, equip them for the future and foster an inclusive and sustainable growth model based on “Made in Africa” ​​innovation. <p></p> Training<br> Innovative training programs; skill acquisition in line with the changing needs of the Beninese and sub-regional economy. <p></p> <mark>Entrepreneurship<br> Programs to strengthen the capacities of Beninese entrepreneurs to stimulate the emergence of innovative start-ups and create a real boost to job creation and growth.</mark> <p></p> Research<br> Test sustainable solutions to the major problems of Benin and the subregion.

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Aréolis Business Center

No matter the location in the world, businesses failure rates are impressive. And strangely enough, the main causes are recurrently the same everywhere : <br> - Solitude of the entrepreneurs <br> - Lack of investments <br> - Lack of certain capabilities <br> - Failure to innovate <p></p> SMEs accelerator AREOLIS is a member of RDE Senegal Group. Our objectives are to offer African SMEs new ways of organizing their production tool and structuring their business model. <p></p> <mark>The value proposition of AREOLIS revolves around pragmatic solutions, well adapted to local business ecosystems, while remaining perfectly aligned with international standards.</mark> <p></p> Our services consist of: <br> - Dedicated experts for 12months <br> - Scheduled and periodical support adapted to SME needs <br> - Training and technical skill transfer <br> - Access to local and international Areolis network <br> - Priority access to Areolis Knowledge center and Business Center Services

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EtriLabs, an ecosystem of entrepreneurs creating innovative solutions. An innovation ecosystem that educates young entrepreneurs and promotes excellence in Africa. EtriLabs is a project of Educational Technology and Research International (ETRI), a non-governmental organization 501 (c) (3) dedicated to the use of Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICTD). <mark>EtriLabs helps developers, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, businesses and governments to create and / or use of innovative technological solutions.</mark>

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Btech Space

Btech Space is a coworking space, business incubator and Start-up accelerator. Coworking, shared workspace, incubator and business services <p></p> Incubator<br> Need help organizing your ideas and making your dream come true? Take advantage of a rich and varied accompaniment. to grow your projects <p></p> FabLab<br> Learn to how to strengthen your business, secure your development and move quickly to the industrialization and commercialization stages <p></p> <mark>Accelerator<br> Structure your growth strengthen your strategic analysis, strengthen your expertise on the subjects marketing, sales, finance and fundraising at; the international</mark>

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Irgib Africa University

We live in an ICT age: computers, smartphones and networks are used by everyone, everywhere, as an enabler and driver of innovation. There is great demand for graduates who understand computing technology and create innovative solutions to help people and benefit organisations. <p></p> In this program you will: <mark><br> - Develop vital skills in problem solving, designing artificial worlds and making ideas come to life while working on cutting-edge technology</mark> <br> - Study the foundations of computing and business, along with courses in cyber security, programming and project management <br> - Develop specialist skills in data management, and in developing and using information systems to solve business problems <br> - Build hands-on experience through a professional work integrated learning course <br> - Complete placements designed to get you job-ready <br> - Gain industry certification (Microsoft, ITS, Cisco and more) at no extra cost as you complete courses

African University of Technology and Management Gasa - school image
African University of Technology and Management Gasa

Computer science is a field of scientific, technical, and industrial activity concerning the automatic processing of digital information by the execution of computer programs hosted by electrical-electronic devices: embedded systems, computers, robots, automatons, etc. <mark>This program leads the student to develop computer applications of all types (web, mobile: Android, video games, databases, systems: Linux, etc.), and to manage artificial intelligence and big data computer projects.</mark> <p></p> Examples of Merise subjects, Web programming (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, etc.), Mobile programming, UML, Languages: C/C++, JAVA, etc., Databases: SQL SERVER, Oracle, etc., Software engineering, Teleinformatics and networks, object-oriented algorithms, etc. <p></p> Pedagogical Material <br>– An online server to host student applications <br>– A computer room with more than 50 PCs <br>– Free Internet access on campus 24/7 <p></p> Opportunities : <br>– Database administrator <br>– Web developer <br>– Mobile developer <br>– System developer

University of Parakou - school image
University of Parakou

The Software Engineering program trains individuals to successfully design, develop, implement, integrate, and maintain software and software related products. <p></p> We give students the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and manage large-scale software systems with a primary focus on quality, reliability, and maintainability. <p></p> <mark>This program emphasizes skills in managing development processes, organizational structures, analysis and modeling techniques, design methodologies, documentation standards, and quality controls.</mark> <p></p> Course highlights include: <br> - Software Quality Assurance <br> - User Interface Design <br> - Software Security <br> - Maintenance, Evolution and Reengineering <br> - Software Project Planning and Management <br> - Software Quality Assurance

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PIGIER School Benin

To train executives capable of mastering engineering techniques related to the design of software systems, as well as the design, deployment and administration of a local corporate computer network. You'll gain experience with many platforms and environments. Using cutting-edge computer systems technologies (such as Android, iOS and Unity) and industry standards (such as Java, Oracle, C, C# and .NET), you'll learn to <mark>create solutions to real-world problems.</mark>

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African School of Economics

The bilingual Statistics and Computer Science undergraduate program prepares students for high-level data analysis and work in tech. Students master the theoretical and practical tools that are necessary for today’s digital economy. Key subject areas include Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and other related fields. <p></p>Learning Outcomes <p></p> Students completing the major in Statistics & Computer Science will have: <mark><br> - In-depth knowledge in the mathematical, probabilistic, and statistical foundations. <br> - Programming software engineering skills. <br> - Ability to apply statistical analysis and modeling to reason from data in a principled manner. <br> - Combined theoretical and technical skills to use for real-world applications.</mark>

University of Abomey-Calavi - school image
University of Abomey-Calavi

This training aims to train specialists capable of developing various types of computer applications for different platforms (classic, web, mobile). <p></p> <mark>Skills <br> - Analyze (model) a real situation from a computer point of view <br> - Administer a database <br> - Develop an application in line with the real situation modeled <br> - Deploy an app</mark> <p></p> Output profile <p></p> Graduates of this license can exercise the following professional mandates: <br> - Design analyst <br> - Technical support <br> - Software architect <br> - Graphic designer <br> - Application developer (classic, web and mobile) <br> - Application developer <br> - Software architect <br> - Database Manager <p></p> Opportunities <br> - Freelance <br> - Banks <br> - Decentralized Financial Systems (DFS) <br> - International organizations <br> - Mobile phone agencies <br> - ICT office <br> - Ministries <br> - Benin Telecom SA <br> - Ministry of Digital Economy <br> - Companies specializing in software development <br> - Everywhere

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School Of Higher Technicians Of Benin

Computer Science programs at School Of Higher Technicians Of Benin have the advantage of a software engineering focus. That, along with thorough computer science theory, provide a basis for fundamental technology innovation and long–term career success. <p></p><mark>The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science focuses on the concepts and techniques used in designing and developing advanced software systems. Explore the conceptual underpinnings of computer science, including its fundamental algorithms, programming languages, operating systems, and software engineering techniques.</mark>