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Metropolitan International University

The Computing Department at Metropolitan International University aims to equip students with knowledge of the foundations of their chosen subject area and the skills necessary to apply their discipline to real-world problems. Our teaching regularly achieves high satisfaction scores and you will find many of our courses provide a diverse and engaging approach to teaching and learning, including project-based activities in all years, invited speakers and access to leading edge technologies in a range of dedicated labs throughout the campus. <p></p> We have particular strengths in Networks, Foundations of Computing, Software Systems Engineering, Computational Simulation, Intelligent Networks, and HCI. Research is integrated with our teaching and students have an opportunity to be introduced to emerging technology in these areas at undergraduate level of study. <p></p> Mission <p></p> To advance learning and knowledge through teaching and research, particularly: <br> - in science, technology, mathematics and agricultural studies; and <br> - at the postgraduate level; <p></p> To assist in the economic and social development of Uganda <p></p> Vision <br> <mark>To unlock the potential of our staff, students and communities, in an environment conducive to learning, through teaching and research, and the pursuit of strategic partnerships.</mark> <p></p> To be a leading university with significant international impact and strong local commitment