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Nkumba University

We aim to produce technically competent professionals with a high degree of credibility, integrity and ethical standards. We are cognisant of the necessity to respect and nurture the creative potential of both students and staff. <p></p> The school offers and coordinates academic programmes at post graduate, undergraduate and professional levels. Three new programmes are in the pipeline, these will be advertised at an appropriate time. The development of these new programmes is clearly informed by the need to produce graduates capable of working in a modern computing economy driven by cutting edge technologies in various disciplines such as big data and data science, cloud computing, web services development, multimedia authoring, machine learning, gaming, AI, distributed computing, Blockchain, animation, Networks inter alia. <mark>Our aim is to produce professionals that competently satisfy the new job market requirements.</mark>

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University of Kisubi

The Faculty of Business and ICT grew out of from the Faculty of Education where its programs were housed since its inception in 2009. We are committed to continue providing our students and the general public with relevant skills required not only for the competitive job market but also skills necessary. <p></p> VISION: <br> <mark>To be a leading faculty of Management and ICT that prepares competent Professionals, persons of Integrity who think Critically and Analytically, and are empowered by Gospel values to uphold human Dignity.</mark> <p></p> MISSION: <br> To provide a holistic business, management and ICT training for lifelong learning that enhances skills- oriented, faith-based leaders capable of being transformative agents of society. <p></p> CORE VALUES: <br> - Time Management <br> - Respect <br> - Integrity <br> - Openness