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Uganda Institute Of Ict

iploma in Information Technology Science

This Diploma Program shall consist of lectures, tutorials, demonstrations, ICT laboratory practical [computer hardware, Ms Applications, software design, database design, website design, computer networking, computer programming e.t.c], ICT projects [database, website, programming, computer networking e.t.c], internship*, and study visits/field tours*.

Benefits of the Program/Program Objectives
At the end of the study the students are expected to acquire special skills, and work as IT Professionals [computer programmers, software developers, system administrators, network administrators, database administrators, network analysts e.t.c].

The acquired special skills will include:
- Install, configure and troubleshoot/repair computer hardware/software and systems/applications
- Design and develop effective computer information systems as IT solutions - Create jobs in ICT sector [Set up, manage, and maintain small IT workshops]
- Proceed for further degree career studies in IT and its general Applications