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Piderc Specialization Institute (Isp)

Professional License in Software Engineering (LPGL)

The objective of the Professional License in Software Engineering (LPGL) is to train well-equipped professionals in the areas of knowledge of Networks, Multimedia and Distributed Systems.

Computing has for years become network computing, that is to say that all large-scale systems are network-based. The demand for specialists in Software Engineering is obvious.

In addition, although its vocation is professional, the LPGL can be part of a longer academic training course, leading to a Masters and then to a Doctorate.

The diploma of the Professional License in Software Engineering is able to participate in projects relating to the design, installation and operation of corporate networks including the interconnection of public networks. He can also design, produce and operate software adapted to the requirements and problems of companies.

In addition to the use of software, registration and distribution can adapt software.