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The Ucac-Icam Institute

Computer Engineer: Systems-Networks-Telecoms & Software Engineering

Scientific and technical branch of the Catholic University of Central Africa (UCAC). Created in 2002 in Pointe Noire (Congo) for the 1st cycle; and in 2004 (Douala) for the 2nd cycle. Courses: General Engineers by work-study program, Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Development, Professional Bachelor's degree in Petroleum, Master's in Process Engineering and Sustainable Development (new) and Manager of Information Systems (Computer Engineer).

The IT department of the Ucac-Icam Institute is made for you.

- Pedagogy is completely innovative in Cameroon. You will be placed in real business situations in order to develop the skills you will need in your professional life;
- Based on the PBL learning method (problem based learning), you are taught to learn and acquire the techniques, methods and professional behaviors of a good computer scientist;
- You are accompanied individually to help you define your professional project and progress at your own pace. Personalized follow-up interviews guide you in the development of this project;
- The school's equipped laboratory immerses you in a high-tech environment allowing you to progress and prepare for your professional career in the best possible conditions
- Finally, certifications that will help you improve in your field are included in the cost of training.