Building a movement of African changemakers

StartHub Africa builds structures so African innovators can succeed. As a Social Enterprise, StartHub builds a university-based student movement, invests in and guides early-stage African startups, and runs high-quality innovation projects and consultancy all over East Africa.

Why StartHub supports African innovation and entrepreneurship

Societies have challenges to solve. Entrepreneurs solve problems, generate impact, and create jobs. The SDG's and national development plans require a generation of changemakers to achieve positive and inclusive development in Africa. Aid has proven to be ineffective – and StartHub stands for a different approach: To build systems and structures so a movement of African changemakers can build the futures they want to see.

But how to build a movement?

Take some ingredients: You start with a talent – for instance a young university student. Then, you let her break out of her theory-based education and expose her to future trends and the power of building new things. You guide and train the student – but always focus on execution. As they build an identity as an entrepreneur and get started, you support them.