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Mohammed V University Of Rabat

Mohammadia School of Engineering

The main objective of the Software Engineering sector is to train computer engineers to dominant in Software Engineering and Information Systems, specialists in the discipline, at the forefront of technical, autonomous, communicative and able to meet the needs of public bodies and private and to improve their competitiveness.

The proposed course gives the engineer a complete and solid training both scientific and technical. The training also covers management, languages ​​and communication techniques. communication as recommended in the national educational standards book. After a common core of 2 semesters dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge and skills essential to any computer scientist, particularly in the fields of software engineering and Information system.

Opportunities: GL training covers a wide spectrum of IT professions in perfect harmony with the market demand and that the ENSIAS GL engineer can occupy or towards which he can evolve, we can quote:
- Multimedia development engineer
- Enterprise application integrator
- IS Urban Planner / Enterprise Architect
- Cloud Solutions Architect
- DB/BigData Administrator
- Head of IT Operational Management