Department of Computer Science & Information Technology

The department of Computer Science & Information Technology is passionate about offering industry-focused education aimed at solving the world’s greatest challenges. We are committed to empowering the learners with professional development to make a difference in current and future societal needs through creative and innovative discoveries. The department also aspires to place its graduates ahead of their competition by initiating and developing more rigorous courses in the area of information and communication technology and to promote agile, digital interactive cutting-edge learning technologies, and methodologies to train entrepreneurial game-changing graduates.

We strive for excellence through creativity and innovativeness to help transform students into agents of change while placing great emphasis not just on instilling academic knowledge and skills but also focusing on instilling values to produce holistic individuals with sound moral standing, reflected in their characters, and actions. The department is also engaged in high-impact, interdisciplinary research to create novel groundbreaking conceptual and practical innovations aimed at delivering meaningful solutions to current and future global challenges. It also has a mission of promoting strong partnerships and collaboration with government bodies, globally leading universities and the industry to advance research and innovation. We endeavor to create a vibrant, inclusive environment to enable the students and staff to embrace diversity while appreciating differences.